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Introduction to Search Engine Registration

There are only about 2 search engines and directories in which you need to register your website.

Do a search, yourself, at the top major search engines and directories, and look for the product or service you are selling. Try:

If your website sells Western Saddles and Tack -- do a search for "western saddles" Do another one for "tack". Does your site come up on the first three pages of the search results on all of them? If it does, good for you! You've been doing things right.

If your site doesn't come up near the top, you'll know that people can't find your website, even though they are looking for what you are selling. In which case it should be obvious that your website needs to be optimized for the search engines and it may need to be re-submitted to the search engines and directories.

All the search engine optimizing in the world won't do you any good if you don't go out and actually register with the important search engines and directories, preferably by hand. We've set up a free page where you can go do Search Engine Registration by hand on the search engines and directories that ARE important.

Warning: That page is very long, listing about 50 search engines and directories on it, with a link to the exact submission page (if there is one), and lots of valuable advice based on our experience about how to register your website with each one. Basically, everything we know about registering with the various search engines is on that long page. When we learn something new, it goes up on that page. It's worth the effort to get through the whole thing at least once. Be prepared to spend about eight hours actually registering your website if you do it by hand.

Also be prepared to spend some money when registering your website. The most popular directories charge for the privilege of listing your website with them, and some of the search engines also charge. Any kind of advertising that is also chosen will definitely cost money, such as pay-per-click search engine advertising, on top of those more basic costs.

In particular, Yahoo! charges $299.00 per year to review your commercial website -- with no guarantee that they will list it. LookSmart also charges $149.00, with no guarantee that you'll get in, only that you will be reviewed. There are several other lesser known but important directories that also charge.

Pay-per-clickthrough search, like Yahoo Search Marketing or Google AdWords is a good investment of your marketing budget. Bids can be as little as five or ten cents. The higher your bid, the higher your placement when someone searches for that key word. Basically, those who bid the most on a key word get top placement in a search for that keyword.

Be prepared to spend at least $1000.00 to complete the registration process where payments are needed. Don't scrimp on this. See our hard costs of search engine registration page for details of the expenses.

There are still a few places you can register for free, and they are listed on our Search Engine Registration page. But to get as much traffic as possible for your website, you definitely need to register with some of the places that charge.

We generally charge our clients $350.00 (above the hard costs of search engine registration fees) to register or re-register a website by hand at the long list of search engines and directories on our Search Engine Registration page. This includes a full report on current standings in each search engine, if your site has been registered before.

If you need this done, feel free to contact us. To be clear on this our charges DO NOT include the hard costs -- fees charged by Yahoo!, Excite or others where a payment is required to register. Those fees will need to be put on a company credit card or one belonging to a principal of the company. We send a full report detailing additional future expenses and operating requirements as applicable.

To see what a difference proper registration makes, see some of our search engine registration testimonials.

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Search Engine Registration Advice

Practical advice on registering your website with the search engines and directories.

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