Writing Services

Need to write something but don't know how to say it well? We can help you. Generally we charge by the product or at an hourly rate, agreed-upon and budgeted in advance. Writing is a skill, a gift; some people have it and some don't. Even if you are a great writer, why spend your valuable time writing when you could be doing something you WANT to do? If you have a hard time putting words on paper--call in the experts at Words in a Row.

For some samples of our writing, check out the JM Blog website, the online journal of Jere Matlock, the guy who created Words in a Row.

We Interview People

We've interviewed hundreds of professionals (and ordinary people!) in order to obtain the information needed by our clients. We then write up the interviews in article format for use in magazines, promotional pieces, as ad copy or whatever you need.

Your Happy Clients: Don't have time to talk at length with your customers to get their feedback on what's good (or not so good) about your services and products? We'll interview them for you -- just let us know what information you are looking for and you'll get the results, written up and easily understood.

The Leaders in Your Field: We are good at plowing (politely) through underlings to get to the man or woman you want to interview. Tell us whom you want interviewed and we'll give it our best shot.

You Get Publishable Text: We neaten up the interview, cut and paste, edit and come up with something you can publish.

We Write Articles

Need an article? Try to stump us. On practically any subject, we'll research it and give you the copy you need. We can help even your tongue-tied egghead whiz-kid with writer's block write the article you've been trying to beat out of him for months. Stop abusing him -- call us and get the product you want by your deadline. Instant acquisition of expertise is our specialty!

We Even Write Books

If you need a book written on an area in your field of expertise, we can write it for you or help you write it.

We Ghost Write and Co-write: Got an idea for a book that you've always wanted to write? Talk to us. We can help. More than one satisfied customer.

We Create Great Ad Copy

Thirty years experience writing ad copy. Our ads work. We've read all the classic books on writing ads, filtered them down through experience and trial and error, and have acquired the skill required to make your ad sell. Ads are costly and can take months to fix if they aren't working. Do it right the first time. Get a professional on the job--accept no amateurs!

Don't wait -- contact us now!

Website Text

You know you need text on your website. Without it, you won't be indexed properly by the search engines, and you won't sell your products. Let us help you write it. Just talk to us -- we'll put it in the words that will communicate what you want to say which will sell your product or service online.

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