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What does "Clickbait" mean?

Clickbait is a description that applies to any headlines intended to create interest and get people to click on them to go somewhere you want them to go. Clickbait is a kind of teaser to get someone to click to an article, post, webpage, and so on, often for the purpose of advertising to them. Clickbait is often misleading or deceptive: "Woman electrocuted by backyard bug zapper!" or "Queen at Death's Door!" or "Elizabeth Taylor's Tragic Final Words..." or "Fifty Things Boomers Did that Horrify Millennials!" and the intent is to suck people in and dribble information while displaying the maximum amount of advertising to those who "take the bait" and click.

My "favorite" clickbait displays a picture of a popular, long-running TV show with the caption "These TV Shows Cancelled!" and if you can make it all the way through the page after page of cancellations they list, then they disclose that THAT show was renewed.

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