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  Why Do "SEO"?

Despite persistent rumors of its death as Google changes its search algorithms, SEO ("Search Engine Optimization") is still the single most effective thing one can do to market a website on the internet in 2014. The marketing of websites is not yet a science—it's still an artform. We've been practicing the art of website marketing since 1996, to help our clients' websites make money for their owners.more >>

The first and most important step of marketing a website online is SEO of your site, which is achieved by making the text content of your web pages very visible to Google and Bing, giving them exactly what you want them to see when indexing your site. This helps toward achieving a high ranking at Google or Bing for your site when someone searches for your product or service. SEO is not the only ingredient for good search engine rankings, but it is the most important factor for most websites.

We routinely get top placement at Google and Bing for our clients. Sometimes this is easily done by slightly modifying an existing website, and sometimes it requires a complete re-design of a website to do away with things that make your site invisible to Google. For lots of free, practical advice on how you can do search engine optimization on your own site (and how we might be able to help you), visit our Do it Yourself Search Engine Optimization page.

For useful tips on how to further market a commercial website (and what we might be able to do for you) visit our Marketing a Commercial Website page.

Check our blog posting for information on the most effective methods of how to get relevant links to your website from other sites. Links are a very important piece of getting a site to the top of Google.

In our experience, these are the two most important factors on which good search engine rankings depend:

  1. Having plenty of relevant, unique text content on your website about your keywords, optimized so that Google can see them, with keywords where they need to be to tell Google what each page of your site is about.
  2. Having good links to your website from other relevant websites.
  What's New?

We've updated the design of our site; we are putting a lot of our clients' websites into the Bootstrap Platform, so thought it would be a good idea to do the same here so our own website displays nicely across most Mobile devices.

We've added the Google Plus One button to our site. See our blog post on how to add the Google Plus One button to your own site. If you like any page of our site, now you can Plus One it!

See 's blog post on What You Need To Know to do an SEO Audit.

Also, here's our latest blog post on How to Silo a Large Website.

See our latest article on Link Building after Panda/Penguin.

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  Commercial Websites

What are you really trying to accomplish through your website? If it is a commercial website then it has several purposes, but the main thrust of it must be to sell your product or service. To put it bluntly, "To make you money".

So first, your website must be an effective advertisement for your product or service. Second, it should give your visitors enough information about your company so they feel confident about buying from you. That's the kind of info usually found in corporate brochures, fact sheets, testimonials and so on. Third, it ought to further your public relations message to the general public about the kind of company you are and the good things you've accomplished.

Your website doesn't need flaming logos or the latest in sliding animations to accomplish those goals. What seems good to a website designer is not always good for the website! For tons of practical advice on how you can accomplish your goal of making money from your website (and how we might help you) see our How to Design a Commercial Website page.

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  Client Testimonials

" I would highly recommend Words in a Row for search engine optimization and web site development."

~~ Dr. Andy Blatt

"Sometimes you just get real lucky. Finding Jere Matlock and Words in a Row was, for me, one of those special times! Not only does my site about miami condos look great -- really clean, not junked up -- but it's ranking like a racehorse! And to top it all off, Jere's a heck of a guy. From design to SEO, coding to linking, he really knows his stuff! Thanks Jere."

~~ Ned B.
Miami Condo

"I am amazed by the results and I suspect they will only get better... It's wild and, again, I couldn't ask for better!... Wow!"

~~ Jon P.

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