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What does "Robots Meta Tag" mean?

Robots Meta Tag:
The Robots Meta Tag is HTML code that is placed in the <HEAD> area of a web page. The robots meta tag is not required. It is the default behavior for bots that crawl through a website to index every page they can reach. So you do not need a robots meta tag to tell Google to crawl or index your site; that's what happens automatically. However, if you want to keep Google from crawling a web page, the robots meta tag is useful (but not 100% effective). In that case, the robots meta tag usually looks something like this:
<meta name='robots' content='noindex'>
You can also instruct the bots crawling your website not to follow any of the links on a particular page, by putting "nofollow" in the content of the robots meta tag, like this:
<meta name='robots' content='nofollow'>
More explicit instructions to ban a specific robot from certain activities in a website can be found at the links below.
Avoid using "None" in the content of a robots meta tag, because it means the opposite of what one might think: "None" means "noindex, nofollow".

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