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Where to go to register or submit your website for maximum exposure

This list is designed as a handy jumping-off place to start doing your search engine registrations and getting listed in the directories. It is also a very long list, originally written by me, Jere Matlock, the owner of Words in a Row. I started this list for myself some years ago, to keep track of where to submit my client sites when registering them with the search engines. When word of the list got out, I received many requests to open it up to the public. Since it was posted for public use, the Words in a Row team has worked to keep it up to date. Now there are people who swear they will come gunning for us if we ever take this information down or charge for it!

Search Engine Registrations & Directory Submissions Pages

We no longer maintain the short version of the list -- it was too much work. (It's hard enough to keep this page current.) Instead, this page has been shortened considerably and broken down into separate lists for Directories, B2B Resources, Search Engines, Pay-per-Clickthroughs, and many sub-pages with other helpful information.

If you have information about one of the search engines or directories that you think belongs here let us know and we'll most likely post it and credit your contribution. It would help other people to get registered more quickly or more easily. You can send me an email with your comments, feedback and any corrections or additions you think should be made.

If you want our chatter about these search engines, background info and more advice, click on the "MORE ADVICE" links down the page.

MORE ADVICE: How to use this page.

MORE ADVICE: Should you optimize your website before submitting it?

Shameless Plug for our Services

By now you may be thinking that registering your website with the search engines by hand is going to be a lot of work. It is. If you're interested in hiring us to do it for you, here is a shameless plug for our services.

Directory Submission Pages

We have sorted this list of directories by likelihood that real traffic will come to your website from it, in terms of human popularity. As you go farther down this list, you have less of a chance that the listing will actually be a direct source of traffic for you. However, that does not necessarily mean it won't help your search engine rank. We don't include directories on this list without a reason -- there are literally thousands of them out there. We try to keep the list to just the SPAM-less, trustworthy and human-reviewed directories.

submit to yahoo
Search the Yahoo! Directory
Yahoo! Directory Submission Info

MORE ADVICE: How to get into Yahoo!

Procedure: First make sure your site is fully functional, with no "under construction" pages. Then at Yahoo! select the exact category of their directory in which you want your site to be listed. Keep digging into their directory structure until you're absolutely sure you have the exact right category for your site, then click on the "Suggest a Site" button on that page so you can submit your site from within that category.

If you have a business website, you must pay $299 (see Hard Costs). This is a yearly reoccuring fee which can be set to auto-renew, or you can set it up to do it manually each year. Use the Yahoo! Express submission service to register your site.

To make a change to a listing you already have at Yahoo!, use this Yahoo! Directory changes form.

Keep in mind, the above charge gets you listed in Yahoo!'s directory only.
See also the Yahoo! Search Engine and Yahoo Search Marketing (pay-per-click).

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submit to alexa
Alexa Directory

If you click to the "Directory" tab at Alexa, you are actually looking at ODP. Submissions from ODP get into Alexa official directory. But there is also a way to get yourself into Alexa's actual website listings, which is a sort of mix of directory (in that you can edit your listing) and search engine (in that it probably already has your site in it if anyone out there has visited it with an Alexa toolbar installed). Despite that the ODP/Alexa thing is a bit confusing, there are ways to make sure your Alexa listing (not the ODP one, but the Alexa one) is accurate and informative. Read on.

First, check if your site is in Alexa already.

Not already in Alexa?

If you are not already indexed at Alexa, you'll have to download the Alexa toolbar, which is for Internet Explorer only. (There is also an extension for you FireFox users called "SearchSite" from Quirk that has a toolbar with Alexa built in, but Alexa's not behind it. There are probably other FireFox extensions, too.)

With the Alexa Toolbar active, navigate to your site in the browser, and then use the Alexa toolbar to access Alexa's information about your site. If you are not listed, you can enter your site into it. Try to provide an accurate, keyword-using description of your site, as Alexa directory listing information is widely used.

Already in Alexa?

If you are already listed in Alexa, but there is an error in the listing, there is something you can do about it. Go to Alexa, search for your listing, click on it, and you will be on a page full of details about your site as collected by Alexa and reviewed at Amazon. You cannot make changes to the reviews or to the statistical data that Alexa has gathered. But, you can make corrections to Alexa's data about your site or your contact information. At the bottom of the page you will see a link that reads something like "edit site info" or "edit contact information". Click on that to get started.

Creating or editing your listing at Alexa is free. We highly recommend that you at least make sure that your Alexa listing has accurate information.

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submit to about Search About

MORE ADVICE: How to get into

Dig into the categories at Find the exact category in which you want to be listed. Find the bio page about the guide for that category. Then find the link to send an email that guide. Send the guide a short, polite email with details about the site you want in It's free. Be sure to read the MORE ADVICE section for helpful tips and tricks.

If you don't succeed at that, the other option is to advertise with instead.

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submit to dmoz
Search ODP.
How to Submit your URL to ODP


You have to pick (go into) one of their categories first, then click "suggest URL" from that page. If there is no "suggest URL" button on that page, you need to keep digging into sub-categories.

Enter only your main page, "".

It takes as long as it takes for one of their editors to visit your site and agree with your category choice--typically less than a month. It's free.

Lately it has been getting harder to get into ODP. Here is some good advice from someone I respect: Jill Whalen of Search Engine Guide. She tells you how to better your chances of getting into ODP, especially if you've already submitted your site a couple of times and haven't been picked up.

According to the ODP rules, you are advised to submit ONCE - if you're not picked up in a month, contact the category editor. Re-submitting will not gain you any friends AT ODP - it just adds to their editorial backlog. If your site isn't picked up within a month, send an email to the category editor. If there IS no category editor, go up the categories tree until you find one. Then contact that editor. Note - all these ODP editors are volunteers. Consider joining them and becoming an ODP editor yourself.

Here's a link to the ODP forum, where you can get questions about the Open Directory Project answered by actual ODP editors.

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submit to aol
Search AOL's Web Directory

Submit your URL to ODP

AOL uses Google, which uses (also known as ODP / Open Directory Project) to provide their directory. Just submit to ODP and you are covered at AOL Search's Web Directory.

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submit to aboutus
Search the AboutUs wiki

The AboutUs wiki is a user-editable site about every website in the world. Once you search for your website, you will be looking at your website's info from the AboutUs wiki. If someone else hasn't already added your information to the wiki then new info will be automatically generated. Look over your page. If it is incomplete or needs correction, then create a valid username, verify your email address and log in at AboutUs. You can then freely edit the information about your site. We recommend you take care to add only accurate information to the wiki. You can also edit any other website page there, but your IP will get banned if you abuse the privilege of being able to edit the wiki.

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submit to botw Search Best of the Web
BOTW Paid Submission

BOTW is human-reviewed. You pay either $149.94 a year or $299.95 as a one-time fee (see Hard Costs). They have been an active directory since 1994, making them one of the oldest directories on the web.

We've recommended BOTW and provided the above link for ten years. In 2007, we signed up as a reseller. We may get a commission if you use our link to BOTW to sign up.

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submit to joeant
Search Joe Ant

Suggest your site

A small human-reviewed directory started by guides from the Go Directory. It is worth taking the time to dig through their categories and register here. Submission is $39.99 (non-refundable, one-time fee). It's up to you whether it is worth it for you. We suggest looking in your category and seeing if your main competition is registered here. If so, you should probably register here as well. Also, registering here should help your Google Page Rank.

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submit to goguides Search Go Guides
Suggest your site

Go Guides has grown in the last decade. Their page ranking keeps improving, and we find they are a good directory to join.

There are two submission options:

Interesting history: Go Guides started a small directory, the editors of which were originally some of the guides who formerly worked with the directory, which Disney bought and closed down. At first they were free, but in 2005 began charging a one time review fee for submissions to be processed. They also started an affiliation at that time with, offering a deal with directory submission at GoGuides and double your money in credit on an account with links2go. If you are looking for a linking program, you may want to take advantage of it during sign-up.

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submit to ezilon
Ezilon Directory

Ezilon Submission Instructions

Ezilon costs $69.00 per year or a one time fee of $199. Drill down in the categories until you find the category that you belong in. Then click in the top right corner on the "Submit a Site" button to be considered. If a lot of your competition is listed here, it may be worth it to you to also submit.

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v7n Directory submissionV7N Directory
Submit to V7N

Drill down, choose a category, and then press the "Submit a Site" link on the right menu. If the category is open, you'll reach the submit form. It costs $49.95 as a one time fee to be considered here. It is up to you if it is worth it - which it might be if your primary competition is listed.

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submit to whatuseek Search WhatUSeek Collection
Pay for the WhatUSeek Collection

The WhatUSeek Collection is a human-reviewed directory. They display their own "WhatUSeek Collection" directory listings above supplemental ODP results, which are called the "WhatUSeek Directory" but is solely ODP.

There are two payment options, based on the speed in which you want to get listed. "Velocity Submit" is $49.99 and sites are guaranteed to get listed within 48 hours. "Standard Submit" is $24.99 with a guarantee of listing within 8 weeks (in our experience, it usually takes less time than promised). Both plans come with a continuing subscription rate of $16.99 per year.

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submit to lii Librarian's Internet Index Directory
Start the Submit Process at LII

It is not easy to get into the LII, the librarian's Internet Index. It is not worth trying if you're overtly commercial (if you straight-out sell something). If you have an information-rich site or page, you should submit here. Again, it is not for commerce driven sites, or those with content easily found elsewhere.

Links from this directory are heavily weighted, because it is librarian reviewed. There is no need to drill down to select a category - the Librarians will choose one for you. Submit an accurate description that contains as little marketing hype as possible and, if possible, highlights unique informative content your site or page can offer visitors. It is free.

After you submit, there are more steps to ensure you're not spam and not commercial. You will receive instructions by email. If the librarians decide that your site qualifies for their directory, you will be asked to continue with further steps. Because of the difficulty of getting in, links from the LII are considered very reputable.

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submit to aviva
AVIVA Directory
Submit to AVIVA

This sleek and modern directory has been around since 2005, and prices have steadily risen and they have removed the discount for placing reciprocal link on your website.

A permanent listing in the Aviva Directory runs $149.95, alternatively it is $49.95 per year. The site is reviewed by humans, and site editors have say on final website placement and description. human review. Be sure to read the submission guidelines well, as they do not give refunds if rejected.

Note: Blogs must be submitted in the Aviva Blog Directory.

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submit to startingpoint
Starting Point Directory

Submit to Starting Point

At the Starting Point directory (around since 1995), you need to drill down into the directory until you find your competition, then find the "submit site" link (top right). You will be asked to check if the category is correct, and then to provide site details. (Note: When submitting your site, don't put anything in the "suggest category" box unless you didn't find a suitable category already.) Every time you fill out a text box on the submit screen, you will need to pause to let the page reload. Don't rush it. Cost here is $99.00 a year to submit, which is not returned to you if you are disapproved. Make sure that you use a truthful and accurate site description. Directory links here are heavily weighted. It is human reviewed and they don't accept everyone. It is up to you if the cost is worth it.

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Search Skaffe

Suggest your site directions

A smallish international directory owned by the same people who own the Sporge directory. It is worth taking the time to dig through the categories and register here. Doing so should help your Google Page Rank - Google uses directory listings like these as one indicator of the importance of your site.

Cost here is $44.99 (one time fee) for an Express Review submission. If approved, your site will be listed within 24 hours. Submissions that are reviewed and not accepted will be accessed a $10 processing fee.

Note: For a free listing, submit btween the hours of between 6pm Friday to 6am Monday (EDT). This is called the Standard Review option and there is no charge. You can save yourself fifty bucks by submitting over weekend hours!

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qango Directory submission Search Qango
Submit to Qango

Qango is fairly small, but well organized. We used to recommend their free option, but now that is reserved for non-business sites only. You'll need to pick a category and subcategory until you find the right place for your site, then click on the "suggest a site" button on that page. You can pay them $55.00 to get in within 15 days, $35 to get in within 21 days, or $15 to get in within 30 days. It's up to you if you think the cost is worth it, and what time frame to consider.

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Sitesift Directory submission
Site Sift Directory

Submit to Site Sift

Site Sift has three submission options:

It is up to you whether the cost is worth it here. We recommend it only if your competition is here and you've got the money to spend on directory listings. If you submit here, drill down, choose your category and submit from there. You can see all the categories from the sitemap.

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Linkopedia Directory submissionLinkopedia Directory
Submit your site

Submit for $9.95 (one time fee). New submissions are featured in the "What's New" category, and on their Twitter account.

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submit to excellent guideSearch Excellent Guide
Submit to Excellent Guide

Excellent Guide is a directory of quality websites, as well as articles submitted by professionals.

If you are submitting a website, there will be a $49.99 review fee (permanent listing). Reviews usually take 1-2 business days. After you've submitted a website, you can submit articles for free in the future.

If you are submitting an article for site inclusion, you can submit up to 20 articles for a $9.99 (one-time review fee).

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Best of the Internet Directory
Best of the Internet Directory

Sumbit to BOITD

$25 lifetime

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Sumo Directory
Sumo Directory

Submit to Sumo Directory

Create a login and go through the email verification process. Then while logged in find the correct category for your submission and hit "Submit Listing". There is a minimum $10 fee for submission in this directory (up to $70 for a sponsored listing).

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submit to clush
SevenSeek Directory

Submit to SevenSeek

Drill Down into the directory to find the right category and click the "add website" button. Cost is $40.00-$99.95 here. We recommend only the cheapest option.

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rubberstamped Directory submission
RubberStamped Directory

Submission Instructions

Drill down into the directory until you find your competitors, and click on the "Add URL" link. It will cost you $39.95 via PayPal to submit here.

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FFS Directory submission
Family Friendly Sites Directory

Submit your site

This human-reviewed directory has been around since 1996, and its dramatically increased page rankings have increased dramatically. Due to high traffic and popularity, they've recently starting charging submission and subscription fees. Here are the options:

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Azoos Directory submission
Azoos Directory

Add your site

Another paid directory. They promise guaranteed instant placement, amongst other things. It costs $89.95 for your first URL, and $79.95 for each additional submission.

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Web World Directory Web World Directory
Search Web World Directory
Suggest a site to Web World Directory

This directory started in 2001. It is organized by topic and has business listings.

Inclusion in this directory runs $25 (one time fee). Sites are guaranteed to be reviewed within 7 days. Also, your listing will be considered "Premium" - meaning more exposure - for the first year.

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Hot VS Not Directory
Search Directory
Add a site to Hot Vs. Not

Hot vs. Not is a premium website directory focused on business related websites. They are human-edited and reviewed. Submission fees are comparable to the highest ranked online directories. It's up to you if you want to submit here.

The permanent listing price seems to vary with link and business type. There are also frequently coupons available on-line for this site.

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click Directory submission
  Suggest your site

Click4Choice runs two directories - Shopping and a General Web Directory. The web directory has a $30 submission fee. Note: You must create an account to post a submission (or pay). The Shopping directory has a separate fee of $30, though discounts may be available when submitting the same URL to both directories.

To submit here, dig into categories, submit your site from within the relevant category. Click "Add a Link" which will prompt you to either submit a URL (if logged in) or to create a new user account.

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IWW Directory submission
InfoWebWorld Directory

Suggest your site

Another new, smaller directory. Cost now is $11.00 per year, as they are no longer accepting free submissions. They do offer a new submission service: $99 for a one-time permanent listing.

Top submit, dig into the categories. Find the right category for your site, then click the "submit your site" link.

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submit to thunderstoneSearch Thunderstone
Edit your Thunderstone listing

Yet another popular way to search the web. It is constantly looking on the web itself for new websites, but it does not accept requests to index individual pages. There's no way to add your URL to their site, but if your site is already in, you CAN edit your listing in their directory, if you need to. (Thunderstone uses an algorithm to categorize your site and it often gets it wrong.) They've set it up so you can change categories if you think you are in the wrong one. It's a novel way to do it -- their blurb says it would take about 80 humans to do what Thunderstone does to categorize all the sites it finds.

Keep in mind, it is not possible to ADD to Thunderstone, only to edit your listing, here. It's free.

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submit to io
Information Outpost Directory

Submit to Information Outpost

Around for ages, the Information Outpost directory is human-reviewed and costs only $5. It is considered a reputable link as directories goes, but the interface is a bit chaotic. If your competition is listed here, it is worth the money for you to list here. Drill down to see, then submit if you feel you should be listed beside the others within your category.

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Sightquest Directory submission
SightQuest Directory

Submit your site

Drill down to find your correct category. Then click on "submit a site" from within the correct category. Submission here is free if you set up a reciprocal link, otherwise it costs $24.95 via PayPal to get listed here.

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Search Sporge

Suggest your site directions

This is a small directory that re-opened under new management (Skaffe) in August 2005 with lower submission prices. Cost to submit here with an image is $25.00 (one time fee). Submission without an image is $14.00 - $15.00. It can't hurt to dig down into their directory and submit your URL from within the correct category.

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submit to dataspear
Search DataSpear

Submission Instructions

Another small human-edited directory. It is worth taking the time to dig through their categories and register here. It costs $39.99 for Express Review within two days - you can pay by PayPal or by credit card. Aside from usefulness as a Directory listing, being accepted here means that you'll be included in their XML sitemap, which Google checks regularly. This may or may not be useful to you, depending on your status at Google.

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submit to w2goSearch Where2Go

Submit your URL

Where2Go is a directory of businesses only. You'll not only need to pick a "Yellow Pages" category, this site asks for considerably more information when you register there. Be prepared to spend ten minutes or more at this site just going through their registration process. The good news is it's free.

Back to top of page. Directory Create your Business.Com Directory Listing

This is a BNB directory (see below), but we want to add it here because of its popularity. offers many services like paid advertising; pay-per-click, pay-per-lead options, etc. The directory is not the same as their PPC program, although it is easy to get sidetracked into signing up for the advertising program while submitting to the directory. There is both a pay per click sign-up (see our PPC advice for more) and a directory inclusion option.

A Directory Listing will cost $299 per year. It is currently considered to be a top paid directory, highly sited by SEO articles and how-to texts.

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B2B (Business to Business) Directories

For more B2B websites, here is our list of B2B directories to register with. We've moved it off this page because it grew.

Free Directories

There are also a number of smaller, free directories that can be worth submitting to. These directories have page rank, though not generally as high as the top tier sites. Many of these smaller directories feed into larger ones, and it can often help your listing to have multiple submissions in second and third tier sites.

Some directories below have paid submission options (often for featured listings or to add images, etc). We don't necessarily recommend going the paid route on these submissions, but ultimately the choice is yours.

The below list is put in order of page ranking. In other words, the higher up on our list, the higher the payoff for listing:

Directory 1000s Classifieds
Directory Classifieds 1000

Submit to Directory Classifieds 1000

This one can be a bit time consuming and/or problematic unless you read and follow directions very closely. But it is worth it, since it is one of the highest ranking free directories available for submission.

For example, you must create login before going through submission process, otherwise you'll have to go back and do it all over again. Login once you've registered and received the password via email. Then you can select your category and submit a site.

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Submission Web Directory
Submission Web Directory

Submit to Submission Web Directory

Free. You can submit links or articles to this top ranking free directory. It has high page ranking, so we recommend submission.

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Submit to SearchSite

Very simple, basic submission process. We do suggest you fill in all the optional fields, as it may help your submission go faster and/or get more accurate placement. Submission is free.

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FreePR Website
Free PR Web Directory

Submit to Free Web PR Directory

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Submit to

Email verification comes after submission, which you must approve within 5 days or your submission will be automatically deleted. Submission to this directory is free.

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InfoListings Directory

Submit to InfoListings

Free or you can go with a $29.99 Lifetime Featured Links option. Free takes anywhere from 3 to 6 months for submission approval. This is one of the higher ranked free directories.

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ProLink Directory
ProLink Directory

Submit to ProLink

Free or paid options (options are scaled between $9 short term and $59 lifetime). Additional $10 for three deep link listings.

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Submission Instructions for Tsection

Find Category and submit. Free option or Premium listing for $19.95 per year. Go through the registration process first. You will receive an activation code via email. Use this to login and then place your listing. You will receive another email, which you must click to verify the submission - or the listing will be discarded.

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Arakne Directory
Arakne Links

Submit to Arakne

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Synergy Directory

Submit to Synergy

Regular listings are free. Other options include prices between $10 and $15.

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Sumbission Directions

Go to directory site and find the deepest category applicable. When you see "add to category" link, it means that category is submittable to. If you don't see the link, drill down deeper until you see the option to add a link.

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Top Rank Directory
Top Rank Directory

Sumbit to Top Rank Directory

Find correct category during submit process. When you've found where your website fits, take note. A few of the free directories follow this same taxonomy, so it will save time to have this category handy. Submission to this directory is free.

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Marketing Internet Directory
Marketing Internet Directory

Submit to Marketing Internet Directory

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High Rank Directory
High Rank Directory

Create an account, then login and you can submit a website to High Rank Directory for free.

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More Directory Resources

There are a lot of directories on the web. Most are totally useless to you, and many are even a new form of directory scam. If you're not sure about a directory, don't pay to be in it. The above are our hand-chosen list of directories. Strongest Links has a good list of directories here if you're not feeling like you've submitted to enough directories yet.

We maintain a list of other directory submission tools on our tools page.

MORE ADVICE: We really don't recommend a reciprocal link directory submit option when there is one unless you're in a bind -- these mean that you get in for free, in exchange for a link from your website to theirs. For one thing, they really can stack up and water down your website's message.

Search Engine Submission Pages

Congratulations -- you've made it through the main directories on the web!

Now click here to go on to the next page and submit to the search engines...

Search Engine & Directory Submission List

This page tells you exactly how to do directory registrations and search engine registrations by hand, yourself, one search engine and directory at a time. This page contains links to the specific pages where you can register your website by hand with all the major search engines and directories.

Lots of advice on what to do (and not do) when registering your website with the search engines and directories.

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