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Free Yahoo! Directory Placement

There is no free way to be listed in the Yahoo Directory. Many sites that have been around for a while (such as this one, since 1998) were included years ago in the Yahoo Directory, and are not charged every year to continue to be in the Yahoo Directory. Since about 2002, they have charged everyone for submitting to the directory, and they charge a yearly renewal fee.

Paid Yahoo! Directory Placement

The only way to get into Yahoo Directory is to pay them. To do this, go here: Submitting your site to Yahoo Directory

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How to get your website listed in the Yahoo! Search Results

In February 2004, Yahoo switched from displaying Google search results to their own proprietary search results, "Yahoo Search Results". In 2010, they switched to Bing search results.

The results from their normal search are different than the results you get when you search the Yahoo Directory. Try a search on the Yahoo home page, and then the same search in -- you'll see different results.

As of 2010, they started using Bing search results as their only search engine. To be listed in their Yahoo Search Results now, you need to sign up as a Bing / Yahoo Advertiser. That's the only way currently to pay to get into the Yahoo Search Results.

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Yahoo Background Info

I've seen statistics showing that 15% of all traffic to the average website is provided by Yahoo! That makes Yahoo! an easy choice -- you should pay them and get into their directory. Failure to do so is catastrophic to your online presence.

For many years now, Yahoo! has required payment for a review of your commercial site to determine whether they will include it in their directory. All commercial websites must use Yahoo's paid submission service to get into the "Shopping and Services" area or the "Business to Business" area at Yahoo!. In other words, if your company sells a product or service you must pay to get it into Yahoo Directory.

On the basis of your submission, one of Yahoo's site reviewers (these are real humans) will go and look at your site. They may or may not let you know if it's been accepted. If they see anything incomplete or non-functional in your site they will disapprove it and you will have wasted your $299.

Recap: If you have a business website, you MUST pay $299 and use the Yahoo! Express submission service to register your site if you wish to get into the "Shopping and Services" area or the "Business to Business" area. Yahoo is no longer taking "free" submissions from business sites for those areas. For $299, Yahoo! promises they will look at your site within 7 days and let you know whether or not you're in.

If you are trying to register an "adult" website, Yahoo! charges $600 for the business express service.

As of January, 2002, Yahoo has stated that they will require this $299 or $600 fee on a yearly basis to stay in their index. So they have become a kind of on-line yellow pages that you have to pay to stay in.

These Yahoo! submission fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. In other words, Yahoo! keeps the money whether they decide to list your site or exclude it. Either way, you will never see that $299 again. You're paying for the "express review"--for the privilege of having Yahoo! make their decision within 7 days.

The link to their business express service is findable if you burrow into any of their categories -- it will be at the top right of the screen and looks like this:

Y! Business Express
suggest your site

To make a change to a listing you already have at Yahoo!, use this Yahoo! changes form. That's also the page to use to see if your site is already listed in Yahoo's directory -- it can be hard to tell whether your site is listed in the Yahoo Directory because Yahoo! also pulls search results from Google now, not just its own directory.

Here is some helpful info on how to get listed in Yahoo: How to Suggest Your Site to Yahoo!

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Yahoo Difficulties

The phone number to contact Yahoo with billing difficulties is 408-349-5151.

The email address for billing problems is:

The billing account management area at Yahoo is:

Make sure you have all your Yahoo account information ready to go before you call or email, because they will ask for it.

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Yahoo Site Explorer Tool

Yahoo HAD an interesting tool for exploring a site, the Yahoo! Site Explorer.

It showed all the indexed pages for the specified domain name, telling you how many inbound links in total, as well as for any particular page, and let you wander through the inbound links. Quite helpful. Unfortunately, they killed it off a couple of years ago.

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Did you mean to find out about Yahoo Search Marketing?

Our advice about advertising on Yahoo! Search Marketing deserves it's own page. Yahoo! Search Marketing was once its own company called Overture. Overture was bought up by Yahoo years ago and apparently killed off as well.

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