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Galaxy is a directory that has been around longer than Yahoo! but isn't as well-known.

Galaxy wants you to decide whether you want to be in one of their Vertical Search Engines or in a category of their Galaxy Directory. These appear to be two different systems for categorizing the same database of websites registered at Galaxy. If you are paying them the "Express Submission Fee" to get into Galaxy, it doesn't make any difference which of these two choices you pick -- your URL will be reviewed for inclusion in both of them.

If you aren't going to pay Galaxy the $100 for an express service, then you'll have to figure out whether you want to register in the Vertical Search Engine or in the Galaxy Directory. Since many people are too lazy to dig down into the categories to find what they want, I believe you're better off registering in one of the Vertical Search Engines.

Make sure you pick the right category. How do you know you're in the right one? Look to see if all your competitors are in that category.

Basically, you have four options at Galaxy:

1) You can pay them a $29.95 fee for a guaranteed review within 20 days and a listing shortly after that if they approve your site. There's no guarantee that your site will be approved. Here's the link to the Galaxy submission page.

2) Or you can use their express service and pay them $99.95 to do a review within two days. Use that same submission page link. Again, there's no guarantee your site will get in because you paid this $100 -- only that it will get reviewed.

3) Or you can use their "standard" listing service and get in within 60 days. This costs $9.95.

4) There's also a link to their "free" submission page - not sure if that is still functioning. Free submission page.

Galaxy's descriptions of submission options show that the $9.95 option will get you in. The second cheapest ($29.95) gets you in with new site bolding, the most expensive ($99.95) gets you new site bolding plus permanent placement above lower paying entries in results (they don't specify a cut-off on the higher placement).

Last year one could use the free listing service and get sites in within a couple of months, but that hasn't been the result for the last year or so. Now I recommend using their paid service of $99.00 for best placement.

Also note that Galaxy has changed their pricing structure several times recently. Most of the search engines that have switched from "free" to "paid" in the last year seem to be ignoring the "free" submission requests. It doesn't seem worth the trouble even try to use their free service any more -- it probably won't get your site listed. As always, it's up to you.

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