A Website Should Collect Email Addresses!

Why your website should collect email addresses from your visitors

Provide a way for people to sign up to receive more information, or to hear about special offers, or to get your newsletter. Offer unique discounts just for this group, by email. Let them know that you never sell your email addresses, that they can opt-out at any time, and that they will get special offers not available to others just for signing up. Let them know how often they can expect an email from you.

Collection of email addresses is important in the effort to get people to re-visit your website. You will want to send these people info--so you have to find out who they are and get their agreement to send them email. That's called an "opt-in" mailing list, and is the only acceptable way to send email mailings to the names you collect.

As an example, you can sign up right here for our Design Coolness mailing list. We never sell our email addresses and you will get special offers (only for subscribers!) and useful information about website design about once a month. If we write an article we think might interest you, we'll send it to you. You can always opt out of our list by replying to one of our emails. Lately the Design Coolness newsletter has focused on sites that are on the cutting edge of graphic design, but it still covers other areas from time to time.

If you want to avoid the hassles of keeping up an email mailing list of your own, you can use several free services online to do this. Onelist..com, which used to be egroups.com, has just become Yahoo Groups and is probably the easiest of these services to use. You can join any list you want there, and you can start a list of your own. People can opt-in and opt-out easily. Here's a link to Yahoo Groups so you can go start your own list right now if you'd like.

Feel free to contact us if you need help setting up a way to gather email addresses on your website. (You don't want to get the email address of everyone who comes to your site -- only those who sign up to get email from you willingly.)

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