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Where to ping when your site is updated.

The blog search engines want their content to be very very fresh, and won't know that you've updated right away to come crawl you. You have to tell them. Blogs that get regularly updated will get crawled for fresh information very often, even several times per day. Even once they are crawling you constantly, you should not stop pinging them. Blog search engines that don't accept submissions will still regularly check the contents of ping services to see who is actually posting content.

Places that collect this data and get it known by the blog search engines are called ping addresses, or sometimes called an RPC.

If your blog software has a working ping client (meaning you can add places to ping to your configuration) you should immediately add all ping services to it, even before you register your site. Blog search engines that don't accept submissions will still regularly check the contents of ping services to see who is actually posting content.

Here is what you need to get your ping client started. Enter the URL listed next to each listing below into your blog's "ping list" or "ping client" where it says to, and you're set.

If you don't have a ping client, you can download one called effbot from Fredrik Lundh.

Blog Ping List

If you are pinging pingomatic, you are pinging (subject to change):

To make sure you're covered in case Ping-O-Matic goes down, you might want to use a few extra ping services like:

In addition to the places aboves, pingoat pings:

Plus Pingoat has a list of non-english speaking sites to ping.

You can also use ping that blog for easier pinging in multiple languages.

Our list is just the places that the majority of people reading this will care about getting into, and we have tried to make it minimal,just the places that spread the news. There are probably thousands of places you could ping, depending on the format, the content, the services you want to ping.

However, you will need to do more before all of those pings will work.

Why not just ping? Why do I have to submit my blog?

Many of the places on our blog search engine and directory list (below) will not really do anything with your pings until the day that you register yourself. Many of these places want to put you through extra hoops as part of verifying that you are a real blogger before your ping counts for anything.

Pinging also won't get you listed in the blog directories. Those require actually going there and submitting. While pinging may have once been instant gratification, and in some places still is, spam blogs have made it so more places are expecting you to prove you're real before you're taken seriously. Some have required registration all along. So pull up a chair and get comfy, you have some registrations to do.

The good news is that everything is free.

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Summary: Blog Registration and Submission, as well as Feed registration and submission.

This is a list of urls you can add to the ping list in your blog's administrative area.

It should not be considered to replace registering with blog search engines.

It is also helpful to get your blog search engine ready.

This page last updated 2019-02-20.

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