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Our home page.

Our page about SEO

How to contact us -- also contains our "about us" area.

Our client testimonials.

Design Pages

How to design a commercial website so it actually sells.

Why to treat your commercial website as an advertisement.

Why a commercial website should be enjoyable.

How a commercial website should actually sell something.

Why a commercial website should give something away.

How and why to make it easy for your visitors to contact you.

Do this usability analysis to make sure your website covers the five points customers want to see before they will buy.

Three neglected opportunities to do well in the search engines.

How to optimize a commercial website for the search engines.

Technical Points Regarding SEO.

The table trick to put text first in your HTML code.

How to pick a good domain name.

How to do keyword research for your website.

How to optimize a database-driven website for the search engines.

How to optimize a frames-built website for the search engines.

How NOT to spam a search engine.

Marketing Pages

How to market a commercial website.

How to on using Twitter for Marketing.

An introduction to website marketing.

An introduction to search engine registration.

Exactly where to go to register with the directories by hand.

Where to go to submit to the search engines by hand.

Where to go to create your own PPC (pay-per-click) advertising campaigns.

How to avoid click fraud in online advertising.

Practical advice on setting up an affiliate program.

How to use opt-in email lists to market your website.

A list of companies providing opt-in email lists for rent.

Practical advice and resources on how to get links.

How to market your website through E-zines and newsgroups.

Design & marketing information specifically related to blogs.

Writing and Books

Writing services we provide.

Recommended books for sale.

Sample chapter of Confronting Diabetes

Sample chapter of Harmony or Upset in the Workplace -- The Power of Agreement

Sample chapter of Please, Lord, Make Me a Famous Poet or at Least Less Fat

Sample story Child of the Devil.

Tools & Misc.

Useful tools of interest to website marketers, web designers, webmasters and website owners.

Resources - sites worth visiting.

Our privacy statement.

Our XML Sitemap.

Our good deed for the day: Email scam alert.

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