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There is no longer any way to get into Lycos' web results directly. If you want to show up in their web search, get yourself into Yahoo or

Lycos pulls results from:

  1. Yahoo!

    To get into Lycos, you can register at Yahoo!.


    As we cover in more detail here, doesn't allow direct submission anymore, you'll have to wait for their spider to pick you up through your existing links.

  3. Open Directory Project.

    While Lycos appears to have it's own directory, basically it's just a Lycos cover on the ODP directory box. Get your site into the ODP and you are in the Lycos Directory.

Getting indexed well by any of those will help your results at Lycos.

Lycos InSite Select is their paid inclusion services. These are:

  1. AdBuyer.

    This program is where you can pay from $30/year to $189/month, depending on what you sign up for. Several options, but for a small site I'd recommend sticking with the cheaper version of their service. Lycos' promotional information about AdBuyer is a little vague on costs, but we've found that you'll probably spend at least $30.00 a month here.

    If you've been a MIVA pay per clickthrough customer, your Lycos account will look oddly familiar. That is because Lycos uses MIVA (FindWhat) technology to run your account. However, Lycos ads do not display on MIVA's network, but on,, Angelfire, Tripod, Gamesville and Hotbot.

  2. Bid Manager

    This program, (which was in pre-release still when we last checked) is a service that allows you to control all of your pay-per-click marketing campaigns (within reason) from one central location. On Lycos' promotional information about BidManager page, you can add yourself to their email notification list to be notified when BidManager gets released (if you don't mind getting persistent promotional email from them).

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