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LookSmart no longer has a method for you to directly submit to their general database. Instead, they've turned totally to PPC. They use WiseNut as their search engine. WiseNut uses LookListings (from LookSmart) for their listings.

LookListings can be made to look like search results (URL and description only) or like ads (designed text, keyword insertion). Either way it's standard Pay-per-clickthrough.

They have advertised their ability to place your ads only on sites related to what you sell, although we don't see that kind of talk on their site anymore.

MSN (now Windows Live search) used to display LookSmart results, but no longer does so, supposedly because they found a problem with the relevance of LookSmart's listings. MSN was LookSmart's biggest paying customer by far. It would not surprise me if LookSmart goes under some time soon.

They recently started promoting that their Looklistings show up on Lycos, MaMMa, roadrunner, CNET, and infospace. This may mean that they're on the way back up.

You can contact Looksmart to get answers to any questions you may have about advertising there, from their LookSmart Contact Page. If you already have a LookListings account and think it's a good investment, we'd like to know about it.

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