Optin Email Lists Directory

This directory of providers of opt-in e-mail lists is provided as a public service for internet marketers. I created this alphabetical list because I couldn't find a central resource anywhere online listing all the providers of such lists.

Please send me an email (through our contact form here) if you know of another resource for opt-in email lists, or if some of the information here is incorrect or needs to be updated on a particular company. I try to keep this page updated regularly. The comments are mine (Jere Matlock) and are based on my experiences with the list providers in trying to locate for one of my clients an email list of Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) who own their own businesses.


CPA: (Used in this document to mean Certified Public Accountant: I was looking for a list of Certified Public Accountants or CPAs)

CPA: Note: There's another definition of CPA, which means "Cost Per Acquisition" -- which is a method of paying for emails sent out based on results, the "Cost Per Acquisition" of a client or sale or signup to your newsletter for you. How that works: A company agrees to send out x number of emails for you, and you then pay them based on a rate of $Y per customer you get or sale you make. There are very few email list brokers that will allow you to pay on a CPA basis. Most of them want you to buy their lists on a "CPM" basis.

CPM: means Cost Per M (where M = one thousand) emails, and that's what list brokers will usually try to sell you. For example, sending out 100,000 emails at a CPM of $40/M would cost you $4,000. On a CPM basis they get paid for sending out emails on your behalf, whether or not you make any sales from those emails.

CPC: means Cost Per Clickthrough. When the email goes out, it will have a link for people to click -- some webpage for them to visit to get more info or to sign up or whatever. For a mailing sent out on a CPC basis, you pay for every clickthrough to that target URL, whether they buy anything or not.

SPAM: is basically any email that is sent out to anyone who hasn't agreed to receive email from that source. Those buying, selling, renting and using opt-in email lists walk a fine line between valid and welcome promotion and illegal and unwanted "spam". For example, when you sign up for a domain name at Network Solutions, you hastily click through a "terms and conditions" page that gives them the right to market to your email address indefinitely, and to sell that email address to others. You've "opted-in" to the lists of spammers--whoever can pay for the list from Network Solutions. In my humble opinion, any emails that you receive thereafter based on that "agreement" are most likely going to be spam.

firetrust anti-spam

Anti-spam: We at Words in a Row are of the anti-spam persuasion, which is one reason we provide this list of vendors of opt-in email lists. Contradictory as that may seem (we've been blasted by anti-spammers for participating at all in this industry) our reasoning is this: We want marketers to be able to locate lists that ARE opt-in, so that they aren't tempted by and don't ever buy email addresses harvested from websites by robots or in some other way gathered without permission.

To help block spam from reaching your own inbox, there are several tools you can use:

At the server level, the Spam Assassin program, set up and functioning on my server, has made the most difference for me personally with regard to spam. I have it set with a high threshhold, so that something REALLY has to be spam before Spam Assasin catches it. Even so, about 98% of the spam directed to me is now being caught and filtered by this program. A few spams still get through, but I have found that if you set the Spam Assassin threshhold too low, it will catch all HTML formatted newsletters and other emails you want to get and filter them out--not good. Overall, though, I have found it to be the anti-spam solution I have been looking for, and many of my web hosting clients have said similar things about how good a job it does at filtering spam. It is also easier to USE than any other anti-spam programs. Spam stopped being an issue for me when I started using Spam Assassin and set up my server so it uses the Recommended Blackhold list to block emails by checking against a list of IP addresses of known spammers.

For your own personal computer, we also highly recommend Cloudmark Anti Spam as one of the easiest and best of the anti-spam solutions available. I have used it to check and block about 20,000 spams every week.

Gmail: We recommend gmail for our clients and use it ourselves. It's a little clunky compared to Outlook Express (which Microsoft never supported well, but which worked reliably in Windows XP). Outlook Express was not brought forward into Windows 7, and many people have discovered that Windows Live Mail is one of the worst email products ever created; one cannot buy support from Microsoft for it, either, and one is dependent upon "third-party" solutions to fix its many glitches and problems.

In my personal opinion, Gmail's spam filtering is the best in the world--exactly what you'd expect from the team at Google. Note: Gmail allows you to go get emails from all your other email accounts and consolidate them in one place, online. And Gmail allows you to SEND email from any one of those accounts; you do not need to use your whatever@gmail.com email address to send email. You can send email easily from any of your many email addresses. Of course there are BIG security issues: what is Google doing with all the emails in all the millions of accounts it is hosting? How much do you want Google to know about you? It's your call.

Opinions & Advice About Opt-in Email Lists

If you can do so, try to find an email company willing to do an email on a CPA ("cost per acquisition") basis. They only get paid when you make sales or get a prospect, so the risk is split; each mailing becomes a kind of partnership. Some companies will drop their CPM rate drastically if you offer some CPA or CPC incentive as part of the deal. They do have some hard costs associated with sending out an emailing for you, so it makes sense that they want to have their costs covered.

What this means to you is that you should ASK. Try to negotiate a CPA or CPC ("cost per click") deal as part of a reduced rate on CPM ("cost per thousand") emailings. Figure out how much commission you can afford to pay for a new customer or what percentage you can pay on each sale, and offer that as a CPA deal.

Personal note: In the days before email existed, I used to sell mailing lists for a small mailing list brokerage company that owned a couple of its own lists, but mainly relied on the services of brokers to fill requests from its customers. So here's a word of warning about mailing lists (including email mailing lists) from one who has been there and done that:

Make very, very sure that you actually get what you order.

Here's some good advice from Francis Santos at the Search Engine People Blog about how to spot and avoid email marketing scammers, of which there are many.

Brokers, especially, tend to think that whatever they have that is SIMILAR to what you want, IS what you want. They have even been known to fudge the way they write up sales contracts to reflect what you want, not what they have. So make sure you find out exactly where the names came from, how old they are, how current they are, how names are taken off the list, and what sort of guarantee they come with. Make sure that exactly what you order is specifically stated on the contract. Hope for the best, but have a plan in case you get the worst possible result, which would be no result at all from the mailing.

I'm not an attorney, but I offer this advice based on many years of experience in and around the area of direct mail and email lists:

Always pay by credit card. That way you have recourse through your credit card company if you feel you have been cheated. If a company will not take a credit card as payment, it is one reason not to do business with them--they are making it harder for you to get a refund if you believe at some point down the line that you deserve one.

If you believe you have a valid complaint against a company that has sent out email or direct mail for you, take the direct approach to resolving any service problem:

Speak to the salesman from whom you bought the service, then his/her manager and then the delivery personnel, then start climbing their organization hierarchy until the problem is resolved. Always take good notes during those telephone calls. Send letters documenting any agreements reached to resolve the problem, and send copies of those letters to the top brass of the organization so they know there is (or was) a problem and can see how it is being handled by their staff. Typically those lower down in an organization will try to hide any service problems from their own top brass, so the executives may not have any idea there is a problem until they receive your certified letter.

If no joy from that approach, then the top brass IS the problem and you should start contacting the Better Business Bureau--BBB Online Dispute Resolution--and other trade organizations. Although you'd think the Direct Marketing Association--DMA--would be helpful, in my experience they probably will not be much help. They are a trade organization organized to support mailing companies, not consumers.

Business dispute resolution is a good way to go if it gets to the point where you feel that you've reached a dead end. Dispute resolution is ALWAYS less expensive than getting the attorneys involved.

If you get ripped off by any of these mailing list companies, don't forget that you have a voice! Use it to warn others: Ripoff Report is a useful place to investigate anyone trying to do business with you, and to report anyone who has ripped you off. Don't believe everything you read at RipoffReport.com because anyone can file a complaint, whether customer or not. No proof is required when making these complaints, so take the info there with a large dose of salt.

As a last resort you can contact the state Attorney General where the offending company is registered to do business, or your own attorney if you feel you have a viable cause of action. In my experience, the odds are that it will cost more than it is worth to pursue legal action. It doesn't hurt to send a cc of all your correspondence about this dispute to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), either, if your complaint or request for refund is not being handled properly.

Real two-way communication, where both parties actually sit still and listen to each other, is a tremendous solvent. In my experience, real two-way communication will resolve almost any business dispute.

But also remember that some sales offers just don't work and it is not always the fault of the mailing list company. So be prepared to use different parts of the same list to test your offers so you can find one offer that works well for you. To see how this has been done for about 100 years, read the classic book, Scientific Advertising by Claude C. Hopkins. The book is usually available through Amazon, and you can sometimes find it through Powells Used Book Store, or aLibris (both of those are great online bookstores).

Also be aware that most of these companies listed below have a $1000.00 minimum order.

This page was last updated on 2022-05-19.

Best of luck to you --

Jere Matlock

Please note well: We DO NOT offer list brokerage services--this page is maintained for our own reference and available to the general public as a courtesy only. Please DO NOT send requests for us to locate specific lists for you--instead use this directory to contact the companies listed here and do your own research to find what you seek.

About Complaints: We are not trying to be the Better Business Bureau for email list companies. Occasionally a customer from one of the companies below will contact us with a complaint. We do not investigate, but we do put a notice below the company listing saying that we have received a complaint. These complaints may or may not be valid. We encourage all the companies below to deal fairly with their customers so that we do not receive or post complaints about them. We encourage anyone looking to buy email lists to investigate the company for yourself before buying a list. Always ask for a list of references, and actually check out the references yourself.

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Directory of

Opt-in Email List Providers


Laura McClendon is the president of "1000 Lists", a mailing list and opt in email list brokerage firm. Mark says he has years of experience sourcing email lists from NextMark, mIn, SRDS, etc. (Added 2006)


Their website appears to be down as of April 2009.



Note: This site seems to have gone out of business as of 7/30/2010.

This company requested this listing in October 2008. In March 2010 I received a complaint and supporting documentation from a consumer alleging that her email address was abused by 2Xact.com; and that it was resolved.

5-Star Lists
says they have 40,000 lists.

Here is their direct contact info:

508 N. Second St. Suite #203
Fairfield, IA 52556
Telephone: 641-472-2332

Fax: 641-472-5729

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Alfabet Data Solutions says they are a leading database company: "Our data base and contacts are authentic and we have built over 40 million contacts with permissions, to address a wide spectrum of industries. We can break down our lists based on Industry/SIC Code/Geography/Revenue Size/ Employee Size etc." They have been in business since 2006.

Their data includes: First Name, Last Name, Title, Email Address, Company, Address, City, State/Province, Job Title/Specialty, ZIP/Postal Code, Country, Phone, Fax, Employees, Sales, SIC Code, Industry.

They say the data they provide is guaranteed to serve your company on a long term basis. They also maintain data of companies across the USA, UK, Europe, Canada, Australia and Asia Pacific.

Alfabet Data Solutions specializes in these lists:

Address: 501 Silverside Rd Ste 105
Wilmington, Delaware, 19809
Phone: 302-351-4629
Website: www.alfabetdatasolutions.com
Contact Name: Steven Rice
Email: steven@alfabetdatasolutions.com

Alfabet Data Solutions asked to be listed here in December of 2012.

All Aboutlists.com

Call them at 877-792-1116 for info on their double opt-in email lists; they will sell as few as 2000 leads at a time, for $45.00; or 20,000 leads (30 to 60 days old) for $169.00. They have lists less than 30 days old.


Call them at (888)796-4563 or email contactus@allemaillists.com for info on their opt-in email lists. I have been assured that they do have some opt-in email lists among the many other compiled lists they have. Be sure to insist on opt-in email lists.

All Media Inc.

Here's the description of All Media sent to me by their salesman, David Lusk.

We are a list brokerage firm, specializing in snailmail, email, and telemarketing list procurement. We don't manage any email files inhouse, but as a broker I can get anything on the market. We are essentially comparable to travel agents for the direct response industry. That is, we search for and provide targetted lists (business or consumer) for no extra charge. We receive our commission from the various list owners for whom we supply orders.

Contact David by email at dlusk@allmediainc.com or call 469-467-9100 or fax 469-467-9110.

AllMedia Inc.
6900 Dallas Parkway, STE 750
Plano, TX 75024


Says they provide optin email lists and email appending service. That means they can take your opt-in email list and provide you with other information (snail mail, phone, etc.) about your list.
Contact email: Florence Haywood
Phone: 646-619-4865

Asked to be included on this page in 2007

B2B-B2C Marketing

Says they provide optin email lists. They appear to be based in the EU (UK and France) but they have a list of a million or so optin email addresses from the USA.
Contact email: Sales

Asked to be included on this page in May 2016.

Begin Marketing

Begin Marketing has been in business since 1966. From their home page: "At Begin Marketing we specialize in providing high quality Business Opportunity and Marketing Leads. We realize you have a choice when it comes to where you purchase your leads. We focus upon providing the freshest leads at the lowest prices in the industry, backed by first class customer support. ... Repeat business is no accident. Our customers re-order more leads because of the quality of leads, service and results. Over 1500 businesses are growing by using Begin Marketing as their exclusive lead provider."

Contact Email: support@beginmarketing.com
Phone: 484.574.2725
Begin Marketing
2988 Eastburn Ave
Broomall, PA 19008

One of their customers asked me to add them to this list in December 2011


Here's the description of BlinkAds provided by their representative, Tanya Alvarez.

We are online Advertising Agency that does email, custom coreg, contextual, and has an affiliate network.

Contact Information:
Tanya Alvarez
P: (212) 254-3268
F: (646) 619-4170
36 E 23 St
Suite 5R
New York, NY 10010


Bookyourdata says it is a realtime online direct email list-builder company where you can search, order and download superior accurate business email contact lists in just seconds. It gives you 100 percent control of what you search, what you filter, counts, pricing, any selection of job levels, job titles, job functions, industries, countries and etc. in real-time. The core difference here is our 95 percent email deliverability guarantee policy with Best-Price-Guarantee promise for direct business contacts in over 170 countries.

Contact Information:
Brennen Monahan
P: 800-340-9790
F: (646) 619-4170
1348 Florida Ave. NW,
Washington, DC 20009


Here's the description of BrandXads provided by their representative, Andrew Enright.

BrandXads Inc is a full service online marketing firm that specializes in highly targeted direct email campaigns. We have over 35 million double opt-in names in our database and maintain a very clean, fresh, active list that is comprised of only active users. We are white listed with the majority of all the major ISP's which enhances our ability to send your information directly to potential clients, which will direct them to your website. Please inquire about pricing and availability.

Contact Info:
Andrew Enright
BrandXads.com Ph: 954-601-1549
Fx: 518-691-9393
1451 West Cypress Creek Road, Suite 300
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33309

Added July 2009. Note: I was advised by someone who called them in March 2010 that BrandXAds has a $5,000 minimum buy.

BMessages Inc

This is now TheDataSupplier


BulkEmailBlast.com was recommended by one of their customers in September 2013, saying: "They have optin lists and their lists include delivery verification."

Contact Form
113-437 Martin St.
Suite #369
Penticton, BC
V2A 5L1 Canada

Bulqq Lists

Bulqq Lists are generated from a variety of data partners. List are Opt-In. Files provided contain email address, name, address, opt in source, IP, date and time of optin. A sample of data partners are:

  • Buy.com
  • Asseenontv.com
  • Jamster.com
  • Expedia.com
  • deal4loans.com
  • Badcreditalliance.com
  • cbsmarketwatch.com
  • morningstar.com
  • wsj.com
  • enewsoffers.com

Bulqq also offers a web based email marketing software that provides templates, list management solutions, campaign tracking, and full time customer support.

Contact: Tony Rissley
Address: PO Box 2272,
Suwanee, Georgia, 30024

Phone: (678) 772-0362
Email: contact@bulqq.com Web: www.bulqq.com

Bulqq Lists asked for this listing in March of 2012.


"We compile email lists from hundreds of thousands of websites worldwide that we're affiliated with. All emails are strictly opt-in, permission based, and current as we verify and update them regularly to ensure our clients the best quality pre-packaged email lists at the most affordable prices. Our business model is quite simple. All orders can be placed directly in a few steps, our email lists can be downloaded instantly in Excel format without any restrictions and unlimited usage."
Contact: Marc Mussoadmin@buyelists.com
There is no phone, email or address listed on the website; the company is located in Orlando, Florida. They appear to do all their delivery online, through their online order form.

This company asked to be included on this page, in September 2014.


We have several options for purchasing targeted email lists. We have targeted email lists and email marketing lists that will suit a variety of budgets for each business' email marketing needs. No matter what your business needs, we have an email list for sale that will suit it.

(This company asked to be included on this page, in December 2011. They were also recommended by a customer in January 2012.)

BuyEmail-List.com - (was previously www.buyleadsemail.com)

Their webpage says:

"If you are selling any product on the internet or need to market yourself on the internet, then Bulk Mailing is the fastest approach to achieve your targets. We as a company provide everything you need to start your Bulk Mailing campaign.

Our Exclusive Hundreds Million Worldwide Email Addresses Power Packed List contains:

  • The Highest Quality Opt-In List on the Market
  • The Freshest Gathered of Email Addresses
  • Completely sorted by "Country, State, City, Mail Servers & Commercial"
  • 10+ Million AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo, Earthlink, and MSN addresses
  • Full Licensed Software included bulk email sender, extractor, unsubscriber & list manager
  • Broadcast Advertiser (Windows popup Ad program)
  • Completed Worldwide IP Ranges

So, whether you are a small firm planning to sell your products on the internet or a young person who just wants some affiliates for his money making programs on the internet - we've got the right tools to get you jump started on the fastest approach to online marketing - Bulk Mailing."

Contact: Karen Sacks - info@buyemail-list.com
122 W Washington St # 303
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Karen asked to be included on this page April 2008.

In July 2008 I received a complaint against the earlier version of this company, buyleadsemail.com from one of their customers. In June of 2009 I received a complaint against BuyEmail-List.com. In March of 2010 I was informed that this company is a data seller and is not an opt-in list company; caveat emptor.

Century List Services

Offers a 100% data guarantee. From their website:

"At Century List Services, we understand that the right list is essential for an effective email campaign. For this reason, we have compiled accurate opt-in email lists for your email marketing campaigns of all types. The source of our email lists are registration forms, in which consumers actively request information about products or services that are of specific interest to them. The cost effectiveness of opt-in email lists cannot be stressed enough. Our lists represent individuals who have specific interests. Achieve better response rates, more conversions, and greater overall sales by acquiring our opt-in email lists...."

"If your opt-in email campaign is aimed more toward consumers, we will assist you in finding your ideal list by such email selects as:
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Presence of Children
  • Presence of Pets
  • Residence
  • Income
  • Job Title
  • Hobbies
  • Online Spending History"
Century List Services Inc.
29229 Canwood St. Suite 101
Agoura Hills, CA 91301
Phone: 877-585-5478
Email: contactus@centurylist.com

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Chilcutt Direct Marketing

From their website:

"Chilcutt Direct Marketing List Brokers become an extension of our client's marketing department. We understand that our primary responsibility is to successfully achieve our mailer's goals and objectives.

The List Brokerage department of CDM serves as the exclusive List Broker to more than 200 companies. The success of the List Brokerage department of CDM is directly attributable to one thing -- listening to the customer."

CDM Oklahoma
9301 Cedar Lake Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK 73114
Phone: 405-478-7245
Fax: 405-478-2984

CDM Texas
802 West 16th
Mt. Pleasant, TX 75455-1182
Phone: 903-577-1551
Fax: 903-577-0707
Email: info@cdmlist.com

Come and Stay

This is another name for RelationServe / Omnipoint. RelationServe.com is now apparently the US office of Come and Stay. Not recommended.

Conquest Media

Laura James of Conquest Media asked to include this information:

"Conquest Media is an interactive ad agency providing online media buying services as well as reliable opt-in email.

"Our main focus is online marketing through lead generation, email, search engines, site placement and pop-up advertisements. We work with marketers and publishers to identify and analyze their needs and provide strategic, results oriented marketing solutions. Whether your objective is to acquire new customers, retain valued existing ones, build brand awareness or increase revenues, Conquest Media will facilitate direct communications with any target audience.

"Conquest Media is able to deliver special promotional offers from emarketers, retailers, and manufacturers in solo email messages, popup/unders, banners and text links."

Laura James
Conquest Media
Phone: 818-761-0621

Exact Data ConsumerBase

"Exact Data ConsumerBase is the leading source of consumer and business opt-in email list solutions, including full-service email deployments. The company Exact Data ConsumerBase also offers integrated marketing programs through postal and phone data in addition to email."

Contact: info@consumerbase.com to receive a free quote or for additional information.
Phone: 877-440-3282
Fax: 847-864-2642

ConsumerBase.com asked to be added to this list in September 2009, and updated their listing in May of 2013. Note: In November of 2012, I received a complaint concerning ConsumerBase, citing their lack of delivery and refusal to grant a refund. I received another complaint about them in May 2013. See the Ripoff Report item here about ConsumerBase.


ConsumerMailLists.com has opt-in consumer email lists and consumer mailing lists. We have very competitive pricing and we also specialize in business lists, targeted lists, and custom email databases.

Contact: sales@consumermaillists.com - Tyler Matthews
Phone: 888-544-LIST (5478)

(ConsumerMailLists.com asked to be added to this list in December 2008.) In March 2010 I received info that this company is a data seller, not an opt-in email list company. Caveat emptor.


Coverclicks says they have over 20 million unique subscribers, and that they deliver over 100 million emails a month. They do CPA, CPM and CPC advertising.

Contact: Josh Blumenfeld
President, CoverClicks
Phone: 845-638-1347
Fax: 845-634-7531

Database Emailer

DatabaseEmailer.com says they are the largest opt-in email database in the US. "Opt-in means that people have expressly agreed to receive product offers and specials by email." They also say they have a zero spam tolerance policy.

Database Emailer Group
Building 19
Colonial Drive
Little Falls, NJ 07424
Phone: 877-510-7833

In December 2012 I received a complaint from one of their customers about the quality of lists sold by DatabaseEmailer. In October 2014, I received this info from Thomas Smith of DatabaseEmailer: "...data cleaning was done on www.DatabaseEmailer.com and the 275 million optin email database is now delivering at 97% inbox rate. Measures have been put into place to continue with constant cleaning of the database. We have also added and cleaned tens of millions of business data records."

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Data Appender Inc.

Their website appears to be down as of Nov 2010.
They claim to have "the world's largest database", and that they have "Opt-in or Permission based mailing list".

Contact: Craig Parker at 646-257-3459
DataAppender Inc.
802 N. West Street
Wilmington DE 19801

Added to this list in February 2010 by request of one of their customers, who said they had one of the finest lists of opt-in emails for North America. (We appreciate the referral.)


14 Million Businesses list, search by SIC Code, revenue size, # of employees, location, executive, title and more. 42 million US consumers optin email list. Available for instant download.

Contact: Scott Bell
Phone: 888-317-7758

Note: As of March 2013, their website is down.

NOT RECOMMENDED - see this Better Business Bureau report.

Note: In October 2009 I received an unverified complaint from a customer of Data Depot about the quality of their list. In October 2009 I received another complaint from a customer about rude customer service from this company. In November 2009 I received a complaint from another customer about non-delivery and slow delivery from Data Depot. In December 2009 I received a complaint from another customer which said that Data Depot has excellent lists, but lacks technical support and does not do a good job of actually sending out the mailings. In February 2010 I received another complaint about lack of delivery from yet another customer. In November 2010 I received another complaint about lack of delivery from another customer.

Data Supplier

Provide business, consumer, realtor and other lists. Lists of Accountants/CPAs, auto dealers, boat owners, Canadian lists, chiropractor lists, dentists, doctor and physician lists, hospitals, insurance lists, investor lists, MLM leads, mortgage company lists, nursing home lists, teachers, UK lists and worldwide lists. Make sure you ask for OPT IN lists only.

Contact: William Joanou
Phone: 888.930.3282

Deal Direct

Deal Direct LLC began in 2004 when they partnered with Invision Holdings Inc. They specialize in selling several thousand fresh daily realtime leads to companies nationwide along with just about every internet lead vertical available today on a low monthly subscription basis.

Their data is being used for email and direct marketing campaigns, list appending, building master databases or to offer your clients as a bonus. They will either license their entire server or you can pick and choose the verticals you need. They also love joint ventures and strategic alliances.

Contact: Joseph A Bisconti
Phone: 336-827-0054

Asked to be included on this list in March 2015.

Direct Media Interactive is now part of InfoGroup

DivDev Direct

DigDev Direct sent me this writeup in April 2012:

DigDev Direct’s current operations specialize in customer acquisition and customer retention programs for national brands and agencies through interactive marketing and electronic and mobile data campaigns. DigDev Direct’s array of digital products and services consists of email marketing, mobile marketing, email appending, customer profiling and analytics and mobile application development.

260 SW Natura Ave., 2nd Floor
Deerfield Beach, FL 33441
Phone: 954-949-9500
Contact: sales@digdev.com

Direct Web Advertising

Direct Web Advertising sent me this writeup in 2006:

We only provide 100% opt-in emails, are can-spam compliant and a member of the DMA.

DWA specializes in opt-in email marketing, direct mail, co-registration/lead generation and our patented 3D digital brochures. By successfully combining our understanding of multiple marketing channels, web-analytics, the latest advertising technologies and our clients goals, Direct Web Advertising is able to relieve you of the worries and pitfalls of this ever-changing medium and deliver the immediate results that our clients have come to expect from us.


Peter LaBella
Direct Web Advertising, Inc.
561.699.2991 (office)
561.649.8227 (fax)

Discounted Data

asked for a listing on this page in December 2011.

Business Lists: Looking for prospects in a specific industry or location? Look no further than our vast business databases. Updated all in 2011 and ready for you to download upon payment. We have USA, Canada, and the UK in house and available today. Examples include Restaurants, Health Care, Logistics, and Auto Dealers. Our databases cover every standard industry code available. Whether it be for calling, mailing, faxing, or emailing – tell us who you need to target and we have the database your looking for. Consumer Lists: Our consumer database consists of over 50 million categorized records for you to browse. This database contains actual consumers that filled out a web form online with their contact information. In addition to being able to GEO-TARGET our database, each record is further categorized so you can target your prospects as specific as possible. These are all true Opt-In consumer Records with timestamps, IP addresses, and the opt-In Source. This database is updated daily and is our freshest and most accurate set of consumer opt-in data.


John Colianne
Discounted Data
877-507.4250 (office)


eInterMix appears to have gone out of business or changed names. Their website is down as of March 2009.


As of March 2013, their website is down.


eListsOrg is one of the email list providers who provides all kinds of industry email lists. Their database can be customized by specialty, industry, geographical location, job title and other criteria.

Products & Services:

  • Technology Email Lists
  • Industry wide Email Lists
  • International Email Lists

Phone: 800-309-961
email: Caron Hough

This company was added to this list in April 2013, at their request.

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Email Data Group is one of the leading providers of B2B and B2C Opt-in Email Lists. Our other services include Appending, Email Campaigns and Tele-Verification.

Contact: Traci Webber
340 S. Cleveland Ave, Bldg 370 Dept #710966
Westerville, OH, 43081
Phone: 800-710-4895

This company was added to this list in July 2013, at the request of Traci Webber


Consumer Email List

ACCELERATE 5.0 US Consumer Opt-in Email List

250 million US Consumer Opt-in Email List
Included Fields: by first last name, gender, date of birth, email address, county, city, state, zip code, phone number, income per household and average house value.

To validate and document our Opt-in permission based email list, the Email-List.com traces and provides the opt-in website source and time stamp of the consumers. Updated monthly - Unlimited Usage. Click for sample

13785 Walsingham Road Suite 111
Seminole, FL 33744
Phone: 877-403-6245

This company was added to this list when one of their customers recommended that they be included; it was also the subject of two complaints that we received in November 2010.

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EmailDirect, Inc

EmailDirect Inc. asked to be included on this page in July of 2006.

EmailDirect provides web-based software that allows online marketers to easily: build email marketing campaigns, manage email contact lists, send permission-based email messages and track the performance and return of email campaigns.
Contact: Kristine Dobson - KristineD@EmailDirect.com

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Emarketing Solutions Bulk Email Software Superstore

Offers a wide range of targeted opt-in email lists. Browse through 142 million consumer records and 24.5 million business records by City, State, County, Zip Code Radius, SIC Code, NAICS Code, Industry and Occupation. Also select from 72 different categories of interests, hobbies and buying habits. Provides customers with a useful web-based list tool where they can run instant searches on all available data in real time. Search, Build and Purchase opt-in lists directly through an easy to use interface.

Contact Info:
Tim Benenson
Ph: 954-975-2575

Added March 2012 at their request

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E Options Unlimited

appears to be out of business. Terry Kern of E Options Unlimited asked to include this information as of August 2003:

"E Options Unlimited, Inc. is a digital direct marketing company specializing in strategic and reliable opt-in email services.

Our one-to-one direct email marketing solutions allow emarketers to be highly proactive with their email campaigns.

E Options Unlimited, Inc. delivers special promotional offers from the most reputable emarketers, retailers, and manufacturers in solo email messages. E Options Unlimited provides the connection between people who have the desire to obtain special offers and marketers who desire to reach those consumers and business's, all via an opted-in based email.

Our database contains only:

Here is what I can offer you:

Terry Kern
E Options Unlimited, Inc.
866-684-5162 fax
AIM: armouredwell

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Edith Roman is now part of InfoGroup.


A resource of various opt-in email lists. Worth bookmarking. Thanks to Arnaud Lemaire for sending this one.


eSalesData is dedicated to provide quality marketing data / opt-in email list and email or data appending solutions that are highly scalable, performance optimized, readily available and released under rapid, time-to-market environments.

Essentially we work with clients to help improve the value of their existing online relationships and help them to enhance their marketing efforts through increasing data reach and related online marketing and creative services.

We provide:

Custom opt-in email lists

Email appending solutions

Tony Huff tonyh@esalesdata.com
5717 Will Clayton #6687
Humble, TX 77338

eRewards ( www.e-rewardsresearch.com ) appears to no longer be in the optin email business.

Estrela Marketing Solutions - is a provider of optin email lists, among other things. You can see a selection of their optin email lists at the link above.

Contact: Adam Taub
email: ataub@estrelamarketing.com
phone: 866-378-7352
477 S. Rosemary Ave. Suite 202
West Palm Beach, FL 33401

They asked to be included on this page in June of 2011.

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ethos Interactive, LLC

Ethos Interactive rebranded itself to Plasmid Media LLC in 2009.

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European Lists

This company asked to be added to this list in July of 2013, and provided this information: European Lists provides optin lists of European contacts. We deliver high quality B2B and B2C database at an affordable price. Over the years we have been providing high quality data with best prices. Our data helps you to run any kind of campaign, whether direct mail, telemarketing or email marketing campaigns."

Contact Cecelia Harper
Phone: +(44) 800-097-0880

EXMG - EXMMarketing

Here's a blurb from their home page:

"EXM Marketing is a leader in providing email marketing services to businesses and organizations around the world. Our mass email services include:

  • Email List Rental
  • Full Service Email Campaigns
  • Our exclusive " Talking Email " Marketing Services
  • Internet Marketing Bltiz Campaigns (Search Engines and Mass Emails Together)
  • Email Marketing for the Finance Industry
  • Self Service Email Marketing Software
  • Dedicated Email Servers at monthly lease."
voice: 630.897.6448
fax: 630.897.6895

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FindLists.com is a mailing list broker offering high quality business and consumer mailing lists. They also offer opt-in email lists for marketing.

Nicole Olsen - nicole@findlists.com
Phone: 888-514-5478

(This company requested a listing here in August 2009.)

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Flying Post

Was also known as "Bastille Internet Promotions". Has a minimum $1000 order. They are based in Paris, France, with offices in London. I've corresponded with Angelina Dayan (adayan@flyingpost.com) about their lists. Their phone numbers are: tel. +33 1 55 52 11 70 - fax +33 1 55 52 11 79.

Angelina Dayan has been persistent and communicative. Flying Post has many large clients and their click-through percentages are stellar, among the best I've seen or heard of. (See their website testimonials.)


This company asked to be included on this list in September of 2013. Their website says they have email lists from Australia, USA, UK and Canada. Some of the specialty lists they have include: Canada HR directors, China CFOs, Germany CMOs, Japan Finance Managers, Mexico Directors, Spain Sales officers, USA Marketing Managers, Australian Hotel Executives, Brazil Finance Executives, Chile Purchasing Managers, France Operation Officers, India Senior Management, Malaysian top executives, Singapore CTOs, and UK Sales Directors.
3991 Macarthur Blvd. #400
Newport Beach, CA 92660
Phone: 888-902-5106


Golf Promo is a full-service integrated marketing company that specializes in interactive marketing solutions for the golf industry.

(516) 596-4402

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Grizzard List Services

(800) 241-9351. 9-5 East Coast. There is very little data on their website about what lists they have, only that they have them. Here's their promo blurb:

"Whether it's list negotiation and rental for opt-in email or direct mail, Grizzard List Services will identify the right list for your target audience. The advantages that set us apart from any other list service resource are:

  • Extensive industry experience
  • Unsurpassed access to list sources and databases, including opt-in email addresses
  • Email lists are opt-in or "permission" email only
  • In-depth understanding of the entire direct marketing process
  • Integration within a leading direct marketing network
  • Immediate response to customer needs
  • Unmatched recommendations

For all strategically selected list panels, GLS is unmatched in its ability to provide detailed analysis and recommendations. We understand your market. We will find the right list source, represent your interests in the best possible manner, interpret the results, and deliver everything we promise -- on time and on budget.

With more than 25,000 mailing lists (including opt-in email addresses) available for rental, GLS performs a series of functions essential to the most effective list selections and alternative media program placements. We understand the total direct marketing picture and will put our expertise to work making your marketing program a success. We will assist you in setting and measuring your objectives, testing offer variations, and enhancing your creative. Because GLS is a part of the Grizzard Communications Group, we can work for you all the way through production, fulfillment and program analysis."

Healthcare Marketers

asked to be included on this list in May of 2013.

Healthcare Marketers is one of the largest providers of Healthcare Database list. Our team focuses on getting accurate information and compiles information from various resources. Our Healthcare Database contains the details of:

  • Doctors
  • Physicians
  • Nurses
  • Surgeons
  • Therapists
  • Hospital Executives
  • Hospital Administration Staff
  • Supporting Staffs
  • Clinics
  • Specialists
  • Medical Students (and many more)

Contact: Betty Simmons
Email: bettysimmons87@gmail.com
Healthcare Marketers
Phone: 1-800-717-6287

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HiSpeed Media

HiSpeed Media appears to have gone out of business - no website as of March 2009.

IDG Communications List Services

Traditional direct marketing list company with some email lists. Mostly hi-tech lists. For more information, contact:

IDG List Services
3 Speen Street
Framingham, MA 01701
Voice: 508.370.0828
E-mail: asambrook@idglist.com

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Has 4 million opt-in names, mostly from hi-tech lists, available to rent. For more information, call them:

Voice: 859-514-2720 Ext 258
Fax: 859-219-9065
iEntry, Inc.
880 Corporate Drive
Lexington, KY 40503

Information Product Services

- their website says they have 300,000 emails for $99, 500,000 emails for $149, and a million emails for $199.

Email: Double Optin Emails
Voice: 800-359-0156
Information Product Services
1874 Catasauqua Rd. #366
Allentown, PA 18109

This listing was added in Feb 2008 based on a recommendation from one of their customers.

Note: In December 2008 I received another unsolicited referral for this company from a satisfied customer, who said "I've recently used IPS out of Allentown, PA and have found them to be responsive and legit. The activity on my site has done what I expected and I feel like I got what I paid for."

Also note: I've received two complaints about this company. In April 2010 I received another complaint from a customer of Information Product Services concerning non-delivery and refusal to refund.


provides business database products and services to generate prospective business databases for list building to support direct and database marketing activity for a range of industries. We also have an existing database of more than 2 million business contacts that can be readily used by clients looking to expand their presence through B2B email lists. A standard database record includes company name, address and location, company revenue, # of employees, company description, company vertical/industry and sub-segment, contact names, contact title, phone #s, email addresses (as available), and more. We offer our customers verified and valid business databases, detailed company profiling, email append and email list generation and verification, for a range of industry types and company demographics. These are within industries such as Retail, Finance, Healthcare, Technology, Telecommunications, Consumer Goods, Education, Manufacturing, Computers and Electronics and Small Business.

Our team, including supervisors and quality assurance personnel, is provided extensive training. The training is multifaceted and focuses on issues such as precision and quality, speed and metrics related to work, de-duplication, documenting sources of information, evaluating reliability of data source, reporting, guidelines to prevent defects, maintaining information security, data back up and protection and such other work related aspects.

Contact Info:
Phone number: 91 - 79 - 30024664
Email: rutva@infoanalytica.com; shakuntal@ia.com


Their website says they have 14 million businesses and 210 million consumers. They are a bit circumspect about whether these are opt-in lists or other lists, but I have been assured that they do have opt-in email lists. You'll have to ask for them. They are one of the few email list companies that offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, but it has some caveats, so be sure to read the fine print.

From their website: "InfoUSA.com, a proud member of infoGROUP, is dedicated to building innovative solutions that you and your business need to grow and prosper. We offer total solutions to improve every aspect of your marketing campaign, such as quality business and consumer data, email and direct mail solutions, database processing and marketing resources - all with dedicated customer service. In fact, the quality of our data is so superior, that it is trusted to power the directory services to the top Internet traffic-generating sites..."

Email: help@infousa.com
Phone: 800-321-0869
5711 S. 86th Circle
Omaha, NE 68127

This listing was added in June 2009.

Karizma Media Solutions, Inc.

Karizma Media seems to have gone out of business - no website as of March 2009.

Lake Group Media

asked to be added to this page in August 2013, saying, "Lake Group Media Inc. is one of the fastest growing companies in the area of marketing, campaign management, and opt-in email list services. We provide tailor-made services in areas like: list brokerage, list management, and interactive programs."

Contact: Gloria Murdock
Lake Group Media Inc
1 Byram Brook Place
Armonk, New York 10504
Phone: 914-925-2400
Fax: 914-925-2499

Added 8/15/2013

Lifetime Marketing

Their website appears to be down as of April 2009.

Link Marketeer (Australia)

This company requested a listing on this page in June 2016. Nifty online interface on their website, which allows one to select industries, location, companies, and gender of recipients of emails (among other things). They also provide phone numbers and physical addresses. Be sure to ask if the list you seek is an opt-in list, as that is not clear from their website. All lists they provide appear to be Australian (geographically) only. "ListMarketeer.com is a fresh new list purchasing platform. Search, samples and buying now takes 3 minutes. Try today."

Contact: advice@listmarketeer.com

List Marketeer
Phone: 61-2-8007-3616
From USA: 1 646-652-6551

L.I.S.T. Incorporated

Their website says: "L.I.S.T. Incorporated is a full service supplier of email lists, mailing lists and telemarketing lists, focusing on the Business-to-Business and Business Technology markets. We offer clients hundreds of the most highly-regarded and responsive lists and databases from the world's leading publishers, conference and seminar companies, trade shows and expos, webinars and direct mail buyers.
The most important element of successful direct marketing campaigns, is the QUALITY of the lists. And quality is what we guarantee."

Contact: Steve Brinely
VP Sales
84 Business Park Drive
Armonk, New York 10504
Phone: 914-765-0700 ext. 106
Fax: (914) 765-0046

Updated 5/28/09


Ezine lists of many kinds are available, at 10 cents to 15 cents per name.

ListOpt Publications Inc.
#38-14968 24th Ave.
Surrey, British Columbia
V4A 9Y5 Canada
Fax: 206-984-4405
Support at ListOpt.com

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Data provided by their marketing department: "Macromark is a 25 year old company with 40+ employees, all with seasoned experience in list management, list brokerage, space advertising, service bureau, and data processing capabilities. We specialize in identifying which of the 80,000+ lists in the market are most likely to perform based on set expectations or the desires of any given marketing effort. We are fully capable of performing strategic consultation on all aspects of direct mail marketing regardless of the vertical in regards to business and consumer direct mail marketing. We also provide creative assistance and media buying for space advertisements."

Macromark Inc.
39 Old Ridgebury Road Suite C3
Danbury, CT 06810
Ph: 845-230-6300

Fax: 845-278.0650Sales at macromark.com

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We have opt-in email lists. Our consumer email lists are fully opt-in and each comes with IP Address, Date/Time Stamp, and Opt-In Source URL to prove the opt-in.

phone: 888-735-2196
Email: Contact Us

MailingListCo.com asked to be included on this list in December of 2011.

Marketfish - hook just the marketing list you need... and throw the others back.

Marketfish is an innovative marketplace and e-mail service platform that lets you quickly and easily find the right marketing lists for your company’s lead generation campaigns. We offer 145M permission-based records in B2B and B2C sectors. Our lists range from tech, to consumer, to human resources, to fashion, and many more.

Marketfish, Inc.
512 2nd Ave, Suite 201
Seattle, WA 98104
Fax: 206-694-2564
Ph: 206-905-1090

Marketfish asked to be included on this list in March of 2010.

M4 Global Media - C Level Exec Email Lists - B2B Email Lists - Consumer Email Lists.

White listed - Opted in Email Marketing

Email Marketing: Fast, Efficient And Cost Effective. Email marketing is an increasingly popular way to lead a company or product to many interested customers while keep going in mind the ROI. We are an email marketing agency that ONLY sends to Opted-In, Interested parties. White Listed servers, Domains and IPs. What this all means is we get to the in-box of the people we send to. We're so confident with our approach... we ONLY charge you for people that open your email! (See advertisement at top of page.)

M4 Global Media
Email: sales@m4-global.com
Phone: 866-929-0444


From their website: "Martin Worldwide, Inc. is a leading provider of opt-in email marketing products, offering the best in email lists and email deployment solutions to help you build the most effective email marketing campaign for your needs.

Utilizing Email Marketing within the broad scope of a multi-platform marketing campaign is a highly effective way to boost product and service awareness, as well as brand identity. Tap into experience and utilize the right tools for your specific needs and target your ideal prospect.

Whether you are looking to acquire an email list that you can manage and mail, or are looking for email deployment solutions, look no further than Martin Worldwide™. We will listen to your needs and help you formulate a proper campaign for your product or service, provide the appropriate list for your intended target demographic, and provide tracking results utilizing the most accurate analytics available. The email marketing products of Martin Worldwide™ is your gateway to professional, effective email campaigns that excite results.

4590 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd.
Westlake Village, CA 91362
Fax: 805-267-1923


(MediaBaby asked to be included on this page in October 2010.)

Media Baby 100% permission-based database enables clients to target their audience by utilizing our proprietary technology. Our Email Database is targeted geographically along with over 400 demographic and psychographic selects. From Testing to Tracking, we will custom-tailor a marketing solution that meets and exceeds our clients marketing goals.

Contact: Tom Rogers
Phone: 954-688-5661, ext 201
Email: info@mediababy.com


With over 30 years combined experience in strategic online marketing & execution, we live and breath all things online marketing. We are highly experienced in brand marketing and direct response and offer the following services and more:

  • E-mail (Double opt-in with full targeting capability)
  • CPM/CPC/CPA Media Planning & Buying
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Lead Generation
  • Display Advertising
  • Custom Sponsorship Placement

We focus ultimately on driving results for ad agencies, marketers and publishers by building custom online marketing solutions. We offer very competitive pricing and hold ourselves accountable for positive results and stellar client service.

Contact: Candise Miller
Moxy Digital Inc
Phone: 480-782-0832
Cell: 415-828-9222

Added July 2009

Multi-Channel Marketing Group

is a new direct marketing list portal. MMG is made up of list industry veterans with an average of 10 years experience in list brokerage and list management. We provide email and direct mail list research and recommendations for B to B and direct to consumer marketers.

MultiChannel Marketing Group
2220 San Jacinto Blvd. Suite 102
Denton, TX 76205
Tel: 940-565-6641

Added March 2010

Name-Finder Lists Inc.

Has been in business since 1981 and works with many of the major Business, Consumer and High Tech mailers in California and throughout the US. Maintains a proprietary information database covering ALL the mailing lists on the market today (over 41,000), including over 11,000 opt-in eMail lists.

J. Bradford Pagano
Executive Director - Sales & Marketing
Name-Finders Lists Inc.
160 Sansome Street
San Francisco, CA 94104
Tel: 800-742-9869 ext 241
email: brad@namefinderslists.com

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Their website allows you to search for all types of lists and request quotes free.

Novo Marketing

The link above takes you to their email list search page.

This company was recommended to me as being a clean list that has good response rates.

623 Eagle Rock Ave Suite #141
West Orange, NJ 07052
Phone: 877-873-8947

Added April 2011 - see advertisement at top of page.


Their website appears to be down permanently as of August 2009.

OptinDataLeads.com appears to be out of business. Their website is down as of March 2013.

Optin Advertising

Their website says they have verified Opt-in email lists and email marketing solutions. Powerful, easy user-friendly interface.
Address: 201 Kennedy Blvd.

Added December 2011 after receiving a complaint from one of their customers about not getting any response to their list of 300k email addresses. Not recommended, on that basis. Received another complaint against this company in March of 2012.

Opt-In Inc

Opt-in Inc seems to have gone out of business or changed names. Their website is down as of March 2009.

Optin List World

was recommended for inclusion on this list by a customer in January 2010.

Contact: Optin List World

Options Media.

We are a dominant leader in opt-in self reported data. As compiler and aggregator of this data, we have the unique ability to target US and International Consumers and Businesses utilizing over 750 lifestyle selects or SIC segmentations. Our products and services include:

  • E-mail lists and deployment
  • Lead Generation
  • Banner and Pop-up advertising programs
  • Co-Reg program
  • Postal lists
  • Video-Stream e-mail
  • TEXT Messaging & SMS
  • E-mail Append

The founders of our firm, Dan Lansman and Anthony Bumbaca were former Sr. VPs with Equifax. With over 150 million e-mail records and 120 million postal files (not including B2B or International) our data is one of the most hygienic and largest databases in the marketplace today. Also, over 20 million business addresses.

Contact info:
ph: 888-668-0757 Direct Line
123 NW 13 Street, Suite 212
Boca Raton, FL 33432

Added 2007 - updated 03/31/2010. Note that 1TouchMedia rebranded to Options Media.

Oracle Customers List

Oracle Application Decision Makers List provides verified and updated Oracle Decision Makers Lists, Oracle Customer Lists, Oracle Users List, Oracle Application Users Lists and Oracle Vendors List. Oracle Application Decision Makers List provides List of Oracle Application Users from US, UK, Australia, Canada etc. Our Oracle customers database is a high quality marketing tool that provides extensive reach to the Oracle technology using companies. The list owner claims this list to be entirely opt-in.

Permission DIRECT

They manage and broker targeted opt-in email lists for online direct marketing campaigns. In other words, they broker the sale of ezine lists. Although they had an "accounting" ezine list available, there was no guarantee it contained CPAs. There were several "tax preparation" lists also available. Not specific enough for me -- but maybe they will have something for you.

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Plasmid Media LLC

They manage and broker targeted opt-in email lists for online direct marketing campaigns. In other words, they broker the sale of ezine lists. Although they had an "accounting" ezine list available, there was no guarantee it contained CPAs. There were several "tax preparation" lists also available. Not specific enough for me -- but maybe they will have something for you.


Not to be confused with PostMaster.com. Big. Lots of lists. They have an excellent online process for determining which of their lists you want -- you can sort them demographically and geographically and so on right online, and determine what the exact count is going to be -- without ever having to talk to a human. In other words, their interface is very user-friendly and informative. Minimum order is $1000. I tried getting CPA/business owners -- the closest I could come was Accountants in the CEO/Executive position. They only had 65 such names, which they were perfectly willing to sell to me -- for $1000. I declined their offer.

Larry J. Karipides
Department Head - Online Media Sales & Operations
Phone: 646.367.3972
Fax: 212.909.5501
Email: larry.karipides@postmasterdirect.com


Their website says they do targeted email broadcasts. Not recommended.

Phone: 954-247-8313
Contact: Brandon Oland

This company was added to this page in November 2010 at the request of one of their customers, who complained of non-delivery. Contact me for details.


The www.Relationserve.com website is down as of March 2009. This company was previously Omnipoint Marketing -- Their website used to say they have millions of opt-in names, and they sell them for as little as $2.00/M. Not recommended. I have received 5 complaints against them from their upset customers. Two of the complaints were for bait-and-switch tactics. Contact me for details.

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Rent-A-List was referred to us by one of their customers. Their website says they have 35 million optin email addresses.

Multiple Stream Media, LLC
603 Old Stage Road, Main Bldg
Saugerties, NY 12477
Phone: 1-845-247-2565
Website: www.rent-a-list.com

(Added to this page Feb 2009.)


ResponseBase appears to have gone out of business - no website as of March 2009.


Asked for inclusion on this page in January 2010. From their website:

For sales inquiries: 888-572-3244


Asked for inclusion on this page in April 2008. From their website: Route 72 is a data aggregate firm that specializes in the collection and sale of Opt-In Email Lists & Postal records and state of the art data append services. Since 1999 we have created relationships with major marketing and publication firms. These relationships have provided unique and responsive consumers and business leads to our system. Take advantage of the cleanest OptIn Email Lists in the business - as often as you want.

For sales inquiries: James Alamia - 877-576-2155 - route72@ureach.com

Note: In May 2014 one of Route 72's customers sent me a complaint, noting a very high bounce rate.


Added December 2010: They have all kinds of lead generation lists. They are data aggregators; some of their info is from opt-in lists. Ask them about optin email lists.

Sales Leads Plus
Toll Free: 800-408-2550
Toll Free Fax: 800-408-2550
E-mail: Info@SalesLeadsPlus.com


All leads come with full name, physical address, phone number, email address, IP address, date and time stamp. All are double opt-in for general business information.

Free leads are 2-4 weeks old for 30+ leads per day, Pro leads are $29.95 a month for 300+ leads per dayand just a few days to a week old, or Premimum leads are $99. per month for 1000 exclusive fresh leads per day. Pro and Premimum members get 4000 bonus leads a month.

Affiliate program pays 25% for the first tier and 10% for second tier for every purchase....even recurring monthly purchases. Leads are good for online and offline business offers.

Referred by Clarissa 'Kiki' Frampton, who says: "I have used SimplerLeads for a couple of months now...no spam complaints and the best prices for what you get that I have seen in my 4 years of purchasing leads."

On 7/26/2010 we received a complaint about the quality of email addresses being received from this company, leading to a high bounce rate.

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This fee-based site allows you to search for particular lists and provides quotes for their services.

Syndicate Leads

Recommended for this page by a satisfied customer in 2015. Provides industry-specific lead lists. They have an unconditional guarantee:

"We will replace any erroneous information, any disconnected numbers, and any files that do not perform to our customer's specification. No questions asked!"

Contact info:
14301 First National Bank Pkwy, Suite 100
Omaha, NE 68154
phone: 877-306-1952
email: Sales

Target Audience Online

Quoting from their site: "Using TargetAudienceOnline's proprietary PermissionDirect technology we can send solo HTML or Text email advertisements to millions of unique, OPTin U.S consumers. Our PermissionDirect technology ensures that your standalone (solo) HTML or Text email message gets delivered to the inbox and not the junk mail folder. We have enabled our clients reach over 50,000,000 potential customers!"

Contact Info:

GenerationX-Solutions, Inc.
1420 20th Avenue SW, Suite 1,
Minot, ND 58701
Phone: 866-436-9765
email: customerservice@targetaudienceonline.com

I received a complaint about lack of delivery from one of their customers in February 2012.

Targeted Email

Same as Opt-InEMail.com and Doubleclick.com (see above.)


Their website is down as of March 2009 - Teramedia appears to have gone out of business.

The Ad Manager - their website appears to be down as of September 2009.

The Data Source

Appears to have gone out of business as of April 2009. Phone is disconnected, and the website is down.

On 2007-10-18 we received a complaint against TheData-Source from one of their customers.

The Right List

Asked to be added to this page in January of 2012.

They offer: Semi-exclusive, Micro-targeted, double opt-in email, Online Marketing, Data Management They provide b2b and b2c targeted opt-in email, co-registration, lead generation, hard data, contextual marketing, creative services, email append, reverse append, mobile marketing, data cleansing, list management

The Right List
20A Northwest Blvd #290
Nashua NH 03063 USA
Contact Person: John Foster
phone: 954-317-2999 x 102 (be sure to tell him Wordsin a Row sent you!)
phone: 1-800-697-5977 ext 112
website: http://www.therightlist.com
Email: info@therightlist.com

I received a complaint about a poor quality list from a customer of The Right List in January 2012.

Thomson Data

Asked to be added to this page in August of 2012.

"Thomson Data has the largest opt-in information banks across North America and Europe, putting you in touch with over 280 million consumers and 17 million businesses. Our databases are regularly cross-referenced against both the DNC registry and the TPS, ensuring that you receive the most accurate opt-in information for your campaign."

Thomson Data
29 Heinrick Way
Bridgewater New Jersey - 08807 USA
Contact Person: John Duff

phone: 1-800-385-8221
website: http://www.thomsondata.com
Email: sales@thomsondata.com

Top Healthcare Leads

As a leading healthcare database provider for global markets, Top Healthcare Leads has a long standing history of facilitating b2b marketing and communications between healthcare marketers, agencies, recruiters, pharmaceutical companies, insurance agencies etc. and their targeted audiences.

Contact info:
Phone: 800-348-8535
Email: info@tophealthcareleads.com
or Evelyn Lee

Asked to be listed on this page in May of 2015.

Thrive Marketing

Quoting from their site: "We guarantee our lists to be 100% Spam Free! How do we accomplish this? By partnering up with a large media company who maintains over 20,000 websites. Those websites combined, receive over 80 Million visitors monthly. They conduct regular surveys on those websites to generate and maintain the list we offer. Our lists are double opt-in and permission based, NOT unsolicited spam email."

Contact info:
5543 Edmondson Pike, Suite 110
Knoxville, TN 37211
Phone: 866-673-7004
Fax: 615.469.2354
Email: inquiries@thrivemg.com


Asked to be included on this page in Feb 2010. As of March 2013, their website is down.

Updated 2013-03-07.


This company appears to have gone out of business. Their website is down as of 2013-03-07.

Travel Promo Inc.

Blurb provided for this page by Travel Promo Inc:

"Travel Promo is the premier provider of email-based customer communication and direct marketing solutions. We provide database-driven email company for ethical Internet marketers.

We only work with companies that are emailing to their own customers or to consumers that have given permission to receive commercial email.

Travel Promo Inc. provides its clients with a full range of email services and solutions, and with tools to fully tap the Internet's interactive email marketing potential."

phone: 516-708-4710

Unique Contacts

Marketing info provided by Unique Contacts January 2012:


About us: At Unique Contacts, we provide precise and highly effective business information solutions to our clients to help them grow their businesses globally. Our unique business intelligence solutions include business and consumer mailing lists, technology mailing lists, data appending, compilation of exclusive business databases of leading corporations across the globe, and critical contact information of key executives and top management of the corporate world.

Services Offered : Mailing Lists | Technology Lists | Data Appending

Phone: +1.702.949.0825 | Fax: +1.888.630.9406
Address: #848, N Rainbow Blvd #3893
Las Vegas, NV, 89107

E-mail : Sales | Info
Website: www.unique-contacts.com

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Vantage Path Media

Added in June of 2008.

Vantage Path Media core competencies are permission based email marketing on both B2C and B2B area. Co Registration programs: we work with over 4000 website publishers to generate high volume and quality leads for our clients. Specialty Direct Mail list and Email Appending Services. All of our email advertisements follow the Can Spam Act of 2003.

Vantage Path Media
John Chaufournier
4613 North University Drive, Suite 269
Coral Springs, FL 33067
Phone: 954-543-2266
fax: 954-302-4986
email: John@mediababy.com

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Vetta Marketing

A leading provider of targeted email lists. We currently license over 90 million consumers & 10 million businesses in our Nationwide database. This is the largest, most comprehensive email database unmatchable by any other source. We can customize your marketing efforts by targeting specific selections that are most likely to respond to your offer and increase your sales.

Our database is constantly updated and validated to ensure the highest quality. Our sources include credit bureau information, state and federal public records, secretary of state records, business trade shows, industry licensing, opt-in and more...

We guarantee to have the freshest, most accurate information found anywhere. Every record with postal information is checked against the U.S. Postal Service's National Change of Address (NCOA) service, so your list always contains the most current, most deliverable addresses available. Every address is updated and standardized using USPS Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) certified software.

Vetta Marketing
Ryan Cappelle
2192 Martin Ave, Suite 255
Irvine, CA 92612
Office: 866-994-1114 - Ext 730

(Added at the request of Vetta Marketing in January 2010.)

I received a complaint about Vetta Marketing not delivering what was promised, in December of 2011. Note: Always pay for mailing lists by credit card, never by wire transfer -- that's a big red flag.

Vertical Response

Added in February of 2006.

Vertical Response Inc
501 2nd St. Suite 700
San Francisco, CA 94107
toll-free: 866-6VERTICAL
phone: 415-905-6880
fax: 415-808-2480


Virtumundo was recommended to us as having good results for being a relatively small list.


Web6Channels is one of the largest B2B opt-in email providers (multichannel details) and a leader in B2B email/data appending. SixChannels serves across the globe with clients like American Express, GE, IP Momentum, Airpartner, BAH, Glovia International, etc. Alex Cooper of SixChannels.com says: "We Keep all opt-in contacts with verified emails address and other contact information from all the industries. We also have 65Mil+ B2C contacts with emails. We do Email list building, Email appending and Email Campaigns."

Contact info: Alex Cooper - alex.cooper@cmails6.com
Business Development Manager & Consultant
Phone: 832-932-8728
Fax: 800-504-8518
Motto: "Expand your market reach through emails."

Web6channels.com asked to be listed on this page in June 2006. Note that I have received complaints about SixChannels not delivering after they've received payment, and working under other names such as OptinLists and EventGain and SixChannels. Updated 2009-08-10

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Web Solutions Inc

Web Solutions Inc asked to be included on this list in November 2009. Their website is down, as of March 2013.

Web Solutions Inc sells a $55.00 CD with 1 billion (that's billion with a "b") optin email addresses on it, categorized by interest in such things as business & investing, entertainment, music, home & garden, news, relationships, shopping, sports, men, women, etc. They also say they are "guaranteed legit emails!" They offer free shipping. It says they are opt-in email addresses, right there on the label of the CD.

(Caveat Emptor. In my experience, if it seems to good to be true, it usually is. And you get what you pay for.)


This company specializes in providing CPA marketing to its clients.


They have some mailing lists of webmasters for rent.


Also known as permission-e.com. Worldata has been around for many years selling regular snail-mail address lists. They have a few opt-in email lists which sell for as little as $.15 a name. Their lists are interest related - PC gamers and the like. Not, apparently, CPAs or Dentists. Here's an example:

"10,000+.....Total File....$225/M [that's $0.225 per name]

The Business 2.0 Opt-In Email List (www.imaginemedia.com), published by Imagine Media, is a valuable business tool as it focuses on emerging trends in business today. Each issue is dedicated to the new business economy, new rules, and new leaders. Business 2.0 features articles on the new economy and how it affects different areas of business, including sales, marketing, career development, finance, and government. Topics include E-commerce, electronic marketing, today's business leaders, competing in the new economy, new business models, news and data for important investment and business decision making, new products, measuring E-business success and more. The Business 2.0 Opt-In Email List subscribers are business leaders and new economy executives. They are intelligent, creative thinkers who are keeping close attention to the future economy. They work in a variety of industries, including E-commerce, consulting, advertising, accounting, finance, market research, public relations and sales. These professionals subscribe to Business 2.0 for insights and perspective on the reshaping of the global economy.

Use This List For:

All Business-to-Business Offers, Home Office Offers, Executive/Personal Self-Improvement Offers, Seminars, Catalogs, Financial/Investment Offers, Travel Offers, Computer Hardware and Software, Online Services, High-Tech Products and More!"

That is a traditional rate card for a snail-mail list, if I ever saw one. Worldata's opt-in email lists were a little too generic for my client's needs but they may be what you are looking for. They have a "transmittal fee" of $75.00 per thousand. (Not sure what that's for but be sure to ask them!) For more information on any of their lists contact them at: (561) 393-8200 or email them at lists@worldata.com.

XL Marketing

XL Marketing is a leading digital marketing company that helps brands acquire, grow and retain customers. Through the combination of our internal mailing capabilities with our recently acquired ESP, Zeta Interactive we're able to guarantee 100% inboxing across all ISPs.

We optimize in realtime by sending to your target demographic and setup an additional optimized suggested group. If that group proves successful we move the volume over to our optimized group.

Our creative team can develop a customized and dynamic creative based on offer optimization for device and A/B testing.

Our targeting capabilities allow us to zero-in on the most detailed selects of a record. We start at the basic demographic level then delve into detailed behavioral information down to sending based on the time of a person's sign-up. We also provide state-of-the-art reporting that reflects our ability to precision target.

Cost Per Thousand Calculator

For more information, please reach out to Emily Bushway at ebushway@xlmarketing.com or call at 212-967-5055, ext.3433.

XL Marketing asked for a listing on this page in November 2012.

YesMail is another InfoGroup company.

You'll see that they do not have much demographic information on their names. They gather names based only on "interest category". When people opt-in to the YesMail system, they give their name, email address and interests. Their phone number (as of 2006) is 646-336-4155. Ask for email list sales.

Another contact there is Sam Shaffer, (sams@yesmail.com) who comes highly recommended for his responsiveness. I've also been informed that Yesmail also now has lots of demographic data on the people who sign up.

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~~ Jere Matlock


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