Do it Yourself or Have Us Do It

Analyze Your Own Website

Five points that directly affect sales

We recommend you analyze your site based on the five points customers want from any business before they will buy from them. We didn't make these five points up—they were uncovered through extensive research. The points are covered in detail in this article on our website about customer requirements.

The five points customers want to see before they will buy are:

  • Reliability
  • Responsiveness
  • Assurance
  • Empathy &
  • Tangibles.

No matter who designed your site, it is an informative exercise to see how these points can be improved in your website and in the company your website represents online. These five points, well covered, will increase sales from the people who DO visit your site, which makes the marketing you are already doing more effective.

Read the article and take a sharp, hard look at your website:

Does your website give the appearance that you are a reliable company? (Hint: Testimonials from customers go a long way toward proving this point. So does having a "contact" page where someone can find your phone number to call you or chat online if there's ever a problem.)

Is your website responsive? If someone sends you an email, is it answered within an hour or two, or does it take a week or two? Does it get answered at all? Send one yourself and see how it is handled.

How does your website assure your customers that yours IS the product or service they need? Do you give them enough information about your product or service to let them make up their own minds about it, or are you just expecting a picture of your product and the words "buy now!" to do the job of selling for you? There's a good reason department stores have sales people: to assure customers that they are making the right decision.

In an effort to look corporate and professional, many websites lose all personal touches and show no empathy whatever to customers, nor do they inspire any empathy from customers. Is there anywhere on your website that "talks to" your customers, or offers advice, or gives any indication that your company cares one whit about its customers? Again, real testimonials from real customers can help establish this point.

With regard to Tangibles—what does the customer see on your website? Is it professional-looking? Does it inspire your visitors to believe that there is a real company behind your website that will actually deliver a product or service?

Answer those questions for yourself and you'll come up with ideas about what to change. If you do this analysis yourself, you will have a much better understanding of what you can do to make your website sell your products.

If you hire us to do this analysis for you, what you will get from us is a very specific critique with points you can USE immediately to improve the way the site (and your company) interacts with its visitors. If you want us to do this analysis for you, just contact us.