You definitely fail if you stop trying.
You DEFINITELY fail if you stop trying.

How To Make Your Website Fail

Here are some tried and proven methods to have a website fail to bring you business, make sales, or do anything to help your survival:

  • Doing nothing—this never works.
  • Putting up a cheap or free website. (Such as a WIX site.)
  • Flash-based websites. Google can't read them. Your browser can't display them.
  • Cheap or free hosting. (You get what you pay for.)
  • Too many images in a website, and not having enough text. Google doesn't do a good job reading images yet. Give them time.
  • Spam. If you send out spam directing people to your website, you deserve whatever fines and jail time you might get.
  • Putting up an Affiliate Website. These very rarely work and Google will bury them in the search results.
  • Pumping out bad press releases. Generally, people hate reading press releases and they do your website no good.
  • Putting up a blog... and then never updating it.
  • Never updating your website. A website that's never updated will sink to the bottom of Google's search results.
  • Completely ignore social media—don't use Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, or Youtube.
  • Offering to write articles for other people's websites.

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