So, Who Are You Guys?

Jere Matlock
Jere Matlock

Words in a Row is primarily the brainchild of Jere Matlock, a website developer and marketer with twenty-five years of experience at search engine marketing. He has also consulted with many companies on their SEO and online marketing.

Jere farms out some of the grunt work of website development to a small team of others.

Much of the writing and website development Jere does himself, and he closely supervises and quality-checks everything produced under the name of Words in a Row. In short, Words in a Row is a loose international network. We have at various times had people working for us in Australia, Croatia, Costa Rica, Italy, Latvia, India, Switzerland, and the UK, as well as in Florida, Oregon, and Washington.

We are a small but mighty boutique commercial website development shop. We are full-stack LAMP developers. We get things done!

Desi Matlock
Desi Matlock

Desi Matlock is a Google Certified Agent who personally manages the Google Adwords campaigns and many other marketing campaigns for our clients, as well as being an excellent coder. She's managed millions of dollars of Google Ad Spend for our clients over the last decade, with excellent results.

Marie Gale
Marie Gale

Among her many other talents, Marie Gale is a terrific web programmer who has built some of our most complex websites. She understands the intricacies of php, mySQLi, HTML, CSS, Netbeans, PHPStorm, and Bootstrap.

When she is solving the logic puzzles involved in programming... she is in her happy place.

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What we offer:

Professional-grade commercial website development, including:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of websites; our niche for the last decade has been creation and SEO of large, complex, database-driven e-commerce websites.
  • Coding in HTML5, CSS3, PHP7 and MySQLi with emphasis on using the Bootstrap 4 platform for building mobile-friendly sites with SEO built into their bones.
  • Graphic design (which we usually farm out to some terrific graphic artists).
  • Consulting on what should go into your website to do what you want it to do; how it should be built for optimum results.
  • An "SEO Analysis" of the state of your existing website's Search Engine Optimization, based on our proprietary SEO checklist of 60 items, put together over the last 20 plus years and constantly revised to keep up with what's happening NOW in SEO. What you get from us is a step-by-step project of items to do to optimize your website for Google. We'll also give you a proposal for what it would cost for us to do that work for you.
  • Consulting in the field of online marketing; via email, social media, paid ads, videos, websites—the whole gamut of online marketing.
  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing) services — such as managing your Google AdWords Account. We get results!

Put simply, we can build you a big, complex website if that's what you need. Or we can help you build a "brochure" type website that is mobile-friendly and optimized to be found on Google.

You should contact us if you have questions about what to do with your existing website if it isn't living up to your expectations. We routinely "fix" websites created by others.

We may be a small boutique shop, but we're very busy! Our waiting list can get fairly long, so please contact us early.

Why "Words in a Row?"

Words in a Row takes its name from a passage in a book by Robert A. Heinlein, "the Dean of Science Fiction." In his book, Glory Road the hero, Oscar, has trouble falling asleep one night. It seems he has an affliction many of us share: he must read something (anything!) before he can fall asleep. He asks his companion if he has anything to read; absolutely anything will do: "You know, words in a row."

Background Info:

Jere Matlock has a long history as a writer and published author. He began writing in the '60's and has written hundreds of magazine and newspaper articles, but does not consider himself a "reporter": heaven forbid! As any of you working reporters out there know, you are given your story and its 'slant' by the editor of the paper/magazine. Any 'reporting' you do after that is simply finding out details (aka "gathering sound bites") that fit the editorial slant you are given, based on the affiliations of your newspaper or magazine, as determined by its owners and advertisers. Those facts which don't fit the story line (aka "the narrative") are omitted.

(Note: I wrote the paragraph above more than 25 years ago. In more recent years this phenomenon has become known as "fake news". )

Although the facts as presented in a "news" report may be accurate, the truth itself often suffers greatly from this system. Controversy may sell papers or get people to watch or read the news, but in its presentation often creates tremendous bias against those people doing good work that actually helps people, while building sympathy for the truly evil who harm people. Mr. Matlock refuses to participate in this omnipresent scam. If you have led an insular existence and need examples of this, he would be happy to enlighten you.

Jere has also written several books, some of which you can sample and/or buy on our books page.

In 2018 Words in a Row relocated to the Seattle area, where we have been happily pursuing life.

Jere is also a published poet, but does not thrust his poems upon his friends or the world against their will. For the curious, several of his poems are on this Poetry page on his blog.

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