A Website Should Be Enjoyable

We use these rules of thumb to make visiting a commercial website we design a pleasurable experience:

Now you can add in your "designer" factors -- how you want the site to look and feel. But remember, you are always playing within the rules above. Colors that are "pleasing and coordinated" to a 14-year old games enthusiast (Black, Red and Orange?) are probably going to grate heavily on said enthusiast's grandmother. You need to know what types of people you are likely to attract to your website (to buy your products) and cater the site to their visual tastes.

Too many web designers started out as "graphic designers", or WANT to be graphic designers. That's where the glory is for web designers, designing a visually stunning, "killer" website. Your website offers them a chance to do this and have you pay them for it. But if all their attention is on the look and feel and coolness of the site and not on the other guidelines we list here, they may be shortchanging you without either of you realizing it.

By way of example, THIS website is designed with all these text, color, image and navigation points in mind. We may not follow every rule to the letter, but we have a reason (which seems valid to us, anyway) for breaking a rule if we decide to break it.

If you think your website needs help on any of these points, feel free to contact us here for a free consultation.

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What can you do to make your site more enjoyable for the visitor?

  • Pleasing Colors

  • Text:

    • Content

    • Style

    • Color

  • Images

  • Whitespace

  • Length

  • Easy Navigation

  • Designer touches

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