How to Get Your Website
into Google's Index

It's dead simple. Just build a website and get some links to it from other websites, and it will eventually show up in Google's index. Googlebot will find the links to your site in its normal crawling of all the websites on the internet. If you don't mind waiting, you don't need to do anything else. Google WILL find your website sooner or later!

Here's Google's advice on how to get your website on Google Search.

Don't Want to Wait?

  1. The first step is to set up your own Search Console account at Google.
  2. Then create a sitemap.xml file for your website.
  3. Then submit your sitemap.xml file to Google through the Search Console. Google will even give you immediate feedback to let you know which pages it has trouble crawling, with links to why the pages are giving problems. It will also include any link from any other site that Google found that is broken that leads to your page. We highly recommend setting up a Google Search Console account. You get access to all the webmaster tools from within that one interface at Google.

You can do all that in an hour or two, and you're in!

Buying Google Ads

See our page about buying "Google Ads"—the name for pay-per-clickthrough ads at Google.

Your Site Isn't Doing Well at Google?

Here is Google's list of answers to the frequently asked question, "Why isn't my site doing well at Google?. They also give you several tools to help figure out why your site's rankings are not doing well.

If your site isn't doing well at Google, and you don't have the time to research why and handle, we can help you by doing an SEO analysis of your website (using our 60-point proprietary checklist) to find out what happened . And then fix it. Contact us for details and pricing.

Google Re-Inclusion Request

If you've violated one of the guidelines that Google has given us all, and you've discovered it because they penalized your site and you've been completely dropped from all Google results, don't panic! You can still get back into Google's good graces. Basically you fix your site, then apologize, then tell Google you won't do it again, and then they'll (probably!) put your site back in their index. Here's where to go to do that and learn all about the process: Google Reinclusion Request.

We can help you find out what happened and help you fix it. Contact us for details and pricing.

Article updated 2023

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