Ignatius Piazza

of Front Sight Firearms Training Facility
near Pahrump, Nevada

I've worked with Ignatius Piazza for several years now, consulting on the internet marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of his websites. During that time I've seen first-hand how driven he is at helping people learn to use their firearms properly. His facility truly does help the average gun-owner learn to shoot at levels that far exceed most law enforcement and military capabilities. I've seen the testimonials from SWAT cops and US Marines who have taken his training courses near his facility in Pahrump, Nevada, and they routinely say that despite their years of training, they have never achieved the level of proficiency from training with their firearm as they have when taking the course from Front Sight.

As well, Ignatius Piazza is willing to put up his own money to do this. The Millionaire Patriot program he has going on right now will GIVE a free gun away to anyone taking a particular course, and the training, gun and gear is more than worth the price of the course.

One of my best friends took the two-day course of training at his facility and she still raves about it six months later. She was trained at Front Sight with an ex-Navy Seal as her training partner. The instructors never lost patience with her, she said, and helped her achieve a whole new level of accuracy and competence with her handgun. She even did a better job in the recognition of what's a target and what's not than her ex-Navy Seal companion. (Go Connie!)

But I digress.

The point of this page is to acknowledge Dr. Ignatius Piazza for his many contributions to helping preserve and protect our Second Amendment rights. If you haven't seen the Front Sight Experience DVD, click that link and you'll get a taste of the DVD and can order it, free, from Front Sight. It will prove the point of this page -- you'll appreciate the work he's done to help preserve our freedom under the 2nd Amendment of the Bill of Rights.

As my friend Connie said, "When looking at who to vote for in an election, I look first at their stand on the 2nd Amendment." If Ignatius Piazza were running for office, she'd vote for Ignatius Piazza, and so would I.


I wanted to acknowledge Ignatius Piazza for his many contributions to Second Amendment rights. I've worked with him for about four years now and know him to be driven in his quest to train people in responsible firearms ownership. I also know him to be a stalwart champion working tirelessly to preserve and promote our 2nd Amendment rights.

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