Search Engine Optimizing References

There are several links to our site from, where Google staff have referred webmasters to the technical information presented on our website, in answer to their questions Here's an example, where someone asked a Google Forum about why his site was dropping in the search ranking results on Google.

Note: A link from Google DOES NOT imply an endorsement by Google of Words in a Row; but even so it is flattering and validative to have the experts at Google refer webmasters to the information and expertise on our website.

Search Engine Watch is also a great resource for webmasters, and they link to our site from their page about Online Publicity and Promotion Resources, Danny Sullivan saying our page is a "nicely done summary of key search engines and directories, with links to Add URL pages..." Which links to our page about how to Register at Directories. That page has been greatly expanded and improved since we received that accolade several years ago, and is always kept up to date with our advice about the best directories and search engines to go to when registering your site.

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What our Clients Say About Us

Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies to mom-and-pop shops. We provide services that range from Search Engine Optimization to web design to development of large database-driven ecommerce websites, to consulting and marketing services. Here's what our clients say about working with us.

Website Development References

Christmas gift ideasWe received this unsolicited letter of recommendation from one of our clients who has been with us for nearly 20 years after we helped get the site back on page 1 of Google's results for a very competitive keyword, "christmas gifts":

I highly recommend Jere Matlock of We have used Jere's expertise as a consultant for about 20 years. I recommend him highly for his professional work in the area of Search Engine Optimization as well as other related areas having to do with building websites. Apart from his expertise, and the fact that he actually produces results, he is very professional and pleasant in his dealing with a client. He keeps up with the latest on SEO which is very important. His work Ethics is superb. I do not know anyone in the industry that has this type of honesty and work Ethics. He is extremely trust worthy. My site is not the only one that has benefited from expertise. I know of others as well. His help is invaluable and much appreciated.

~~S. Hanasab

Buyer's Agent PortlandHere's what Jolynne Ash, a long-time client and a Buyer's Agent in Portland, Oregon said in May of 2017 after an update of their very old website into a mobile-friendly, modern site:

"Jere built my original site 17 years ago and did such a great job that it continued to bring me new clients on a regular basis. With the popularity of mobile users, I decide it was time for a whole new site. The challenge was that I wanted the new site to look like the old site only with better navigation, SEO and of course mobile friendly. Jere did a great job and was very efficient and easy to work with. He presented options and made suggestions to improve the overall look and SEO quality. The final product was exactly what I wanted. All this with a great sense of humor and a good dose of patience."

~~ Jolynne Ash.

Law Firm of Neal H. SobolWe received this unsolicited email from Laya of The Law Office of Neal H. Sobol after taking their website from a 1990's design into the Bootstrap mobile-friendly platform in 2015:

"Thank you again for all your help on our site. We are truly happy with the outcome and so glad we finally did this upgrade.... we are very grateful for your expertise in getting everything sorted and solved. Great working with you!"

~~ Laya R.

St. Louis pediatric ophthalmologistWe received this review from Dr. Andy Blatt of St. Louis Eye Care Specialists LLC, after completing a project to take their website out of Flash and make it focused on pediatric eye care in St. Louis.

"Jere does an amazing job with search engine optimization. He is very responsive to requests made and very professional with regard to his business. He definitely delivers everything he promises that he will! Clearly an expert in his field. I would highly recommend him for search engine optimization and web site development."

~~ Dr. Andy Blatt

Facials in GreenvilleWe built a website for Lesa Benjamin of Facials Greenville. She sent us the following testimonial:

"I am a small business owner and knew that I needed a web presence. After much research and inquiry into the search engine optimization, web hosting, and web site building, I began to think it would never come about. Then I came across the Words in a Row web site... and what a lucky and blessed find that was for me! I knew I had found the people for my project. I have only positive words for my experience. I have been so pleased with the work that Desi has put into the building of my web site--her professionalism, expertise, talent and patience has brought about the most beautiful and impressive web site that I have ever seen! And has exceeded my expectations. Jere has been patient and thorough in helping me to understand the process and steps involved in building a successful web site and all that goes along with maintaining it. I have found them to be ethical, fair, through, patient and talented! And that is exactly what I wanted; I recommend them very highly!"

Lesa Benjamin

Note: Kudos also go to Amy Collen of Design Wise Art, who created the lovely graphics for this site.

ignatius piazzaOur client Front Sight Firearms Training Institute wrote this as an unsolicited recommendation at LinkedIn:

"... [Jere Matlock] has done a magnificent job - in fact, he has taken one client to better results than 99% of his competition. Jere does a great job in helping orchestrate web activities to go up into top rankings on Google, Yahoo, etc."

David S.

luxury miami condosNed Berndt of Miami Condo Lifestyle says:

"Sometimes you just get real lucky. Finding Jere Matlock at Words in a Row was, for me, one of those special times! After several years of a no-results template site, I decided to find a web designer who could build a high ranking site for the competitive web world of Miami preconstruction luxury condo real estate.

"Well, not only does my luxury miami condos website look great -- really clean, not junked up -- but it's ranking like a racehorse!

"And to top it all off, Jere's a heck of a guy. He's easy-goin' but very knowledgable and plain fun to talk with about most anything! As a website novice, I felt he steered me correctly through all decisions necessary by providing great information and resources so I could make quality decisions. From design to SEO, coding to linking, he really knows his stuff! Thanks Jere."

Ned Berndt
Miami Condo Lifestyle

Website Design References

sleep aidDr. Decuypere of, a natural health products provider.

"We started a project to get our website up and running about two years ago. Various things came up along the way creating barriers to the achievement of this goal. Two months ago we decided, OK, we're going to just do it! I got in touch with Jere at Words In A Row and got all the pieces and parts to him that our previous web designer had created. He gave me a very clear proposal of what needed to be done to actually get our site up and running. We did our part as requested and then it was time for him to perform. This was done in a very 'A-to-B' fashion. Anything I didn't understand was easily explained by him so that I could understand it without having to be a computer programmer to get it.

"... Jere has been absolutely wonderful to work with and I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting the services of a website designer."

Dr. Decuypere

advanced C++ programmingLeor Zolman of BD Software, a provider of on-site advanced C++ training.

"I'm really, really pleased with your work on the site, both in terms of the design, being open to my picayune demands, responsiveness, patience, and good nature. If I ever get the chance to send business your way, I'll be sure to do so..."

Leor Zolman
BD Software

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Professional references and client testimonials for Words in a Row.

To contact us to help you design, re-design, or optimize a website for the search engines click here. We make our clients' websites make them money.

Some sites we've built from scratch:

St. Louis Opthalmology - a site we converted to HTML from a Flash-based design that wasn't ranking well at all. (Flash causes problems because Google can't index it!) Now it is pulling in a lot of patients for Dr. Blatt.

Facials Greenville - a pretty site built to order for a Day Spa.

Miami Beach Condos - Built to order in the very competitive Miami Beach condo market. It achieved top placement at Google almost as soon as it went on line -- and has kept it.

BD Software - brochure site for one of the world's top programmers, Leor Zolman. Remember C++? He literally wrote the book.

Birdseye Maple - a site displaying specialty high-end woods, built for the largest distributor of such woods in America, Yankee Veneer Corp - we adapted their new graphic layout put them into the mobile-friendly Bootstrap platform.

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