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I've been a fan of Heifer.org since I first heard of their purpose, to help people in third world countries through such simple things as giving them goats, pigs, cows, honeybees, and so on. A single domesticated animal can make a huge difference in the quality of life of someone who has very little. Consider a monthly donation.

Citizens Commission on Human Rights
Psychiatric Watchdog

Citizens Commission on Human Rights

Contact CCHR for the truth about psychiatric abuse. This site is not for the squeamish. If you or a loved one have been victimized by a psychiatrist, contact CCHR for help. CCHR has been instrumental in closing down hundreds of barbaric psychiatric hospitals across the world, and for investigations leading to the arrest, trial, and conviction of many individual psychiatrists for sexual abuse, murder of patients, criminal financial fraud, etc. CCHR is the only group doing anything effective to bring the entire field of psychiatry under any kind of control. The more you find out about what psychiatry has really been doing, the more outraged you will be.

Freedom Magazine.
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Freedom Magazine

Freedom Magazine is hard-hitting reporting that gets to the bottom of issues. In a time when Pulitzer Prizes are being awarded for lies and propaganda, when New York Times and USA Today reporters make up stories and editors resign in disgrace, it's good to know that there is at least one magazine that does not make anything up and goes to great lengths to find and expose the truth—the actual stories behind whatever sound bites the other news media are repeating. For example, discover what is behind the tremendous upsurge in violence in our schools, and what psychiatry has really been up to the last few years. Why are over six million American children being forced to take dangerous drugs every day at school?


Narconon Drug Rehab

Drug Withdrawal Program If you know someone with a drug or alcohol problem, whose happiness and health are important to you, contact Narconon now. It is not a 28-day program; The program typically takes several months to complete. Narconon uses no drug substitution. That means graduates of the Narconon program are no longer addicts. Drug-free withdrawal eliminates drug cravings naturally. Narconon graduates develop life skills that help them succeed in life after graduation. Those are some of the reasons Narconon works. For eight years, I was the webmaster of Narconon—they are terrific people who actually help recover relapsed addicts who've been through many 28-day programs to no avail.

Scientology Volunteer Ministers

Tools for Life More than 50 years ago it was the Scientologists who rolled up their sleeves and helped me overcome my dependence on dangerous street drugs. I've been clean ever since, so I know first-hand that Scientology offers practical solutions for 'unsolvable' problems like drug addiction, the inability to communicate, emotional problems, abusive family situations, alcoholism—you name it. In fact, there is a whole catalog of life-changing help to choose from. Whatever the situation, something CAN be done about it. I know. I've been there and used these tools. They offer free online training on such subjects as communication, stress/anxiety/depression, trouble at work, integrity, honesty & ethics, handling conflicts, marriage and family, understanding life, relationships with others, problems studying and learning, illnesses and injuries, problems with drugs, and your own public image.

I've been an ordained minister of the Church of Scientology since 1976. I am proud to also be a Volunteer Minister, one of the people occasionally called into service to help when there is a disaster. Many Volunteer Ministers were there after 9/11 at Ground Zero in New York to help the survivors cope, and Volunteer Ministers flocked to Louisiana in the the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina to hand out food and water and clean up debris. Volunteer Ministers were there in the ravaged sections of Sri Lanka and Thailand, helping bury the dead and console the survivors of the 2004 tsunami. What Volunteer Ministers are best at, in my view, is confronting the confusion that such scenarios manifest, and helping others to confront that confusion, and restore order, one particle at a time.

For example, it was a small team of Volunteer Ministers who helped piece together the personnel records of some of the large companies destroyed in the World Trade Center attack on 9/11, so benefits could be paid to the husbands, widows and orphans of those killed; despite all official records being destroyed in the collapse of the towers. This project took many months of patient work, thousands of phone calls, emails, letters, and personal contact. The Volunteer Ministers did it because it needed to be done and nobody else seemed willing to confront it.

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