Sample Chapter From "Please Lord, Make Me a Famous Poet or at Least Less Fat"

How Rough is the Poetry Business?

by Dean Blehert.

How rough is the poetry business? Here's part of a recent cover letter I sent off and the rejection slip I received:

"Dear Satan,

I am an unknown poet. I will gladly sell you my soul (submitted herewith along with SASE*) in exchange for fame, readers, huge book sales and critical raves. I have been published previously in...."

"Dear Poet,

Thank you for considering us, but, alas, we already have far more souls of poets than we can hope to use in the foreseeable future (and we can see forever). We wish you the best of luck elsewhere and do hope to see you here eventually.


Infernal Editorial Staff"

*SASE means Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope. Most poetry is, alas, self-addressed.

[End of sample chapter.]

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