Hard Costs of Search Engine Registrations

What does it cost to register a website?

Many search engines and directories allow business to register their webpages for free. However, there are also quite a few search engines and directories that charge for inclusion. Like you, the search engines are trying to stay in business by making a profit. We try to just put the ones we feel are worth it on this list.

As of December 2010, for a typical site the hard costs of search engine registration consist of:

Search Engine Registration and Directory Submission

As you can see, to get listed in the above directories with the cheaper, annual listings, it will run a minimum total of around $1250.00. For permanent placements, where available, listing will run about $1825 - $2000 (top price including all premium and accelerated review options).

You can also choose to submit to second-tier search engines if you choose to - we don't usually - which adds a bit more to the costs - about another $150 and $200.

Your total for all registrations will range between $1000 and $2000 in hard costs, depending on how many pages of your site you register, and how many places you register. $1000 is the bare minimum you'll need to spend on hard costs of search engine and directory registrations.

Contact us if you'd like us to provide directory and search engine registration services for your website or business. If we complete the registration process for you, and you have already signed up at a directory (and paid) we won't re-list your site. In these instances, we will verify and/or update your information to make sure it is still correct. We never exceed an agreed-upon budget.

There are some additional small, paid directories in our list that may need to be done - usually depending on whether your competition is listed there already, or as replacement for some other that could not be done.

Search Engine Marketing campaign creation is not part of our registration services.

Notes: We used to list LookSmart on this page, but we no longer consider them a good risk. We no longer recommend PPC advertising on Enhance Interactive. Click that link to see why. We no longer recommend paying to list a site with the Yahoo! Search Engine as it is clear that they are actively spidering sites - there's no need to pay to get into their search engine.

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