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This page lists all the shopping directories and search engines, gives our advice on each one, tells you exactly how to register your site with them by hand, yourself, one at a time. We tell you where you can register your products by hand with the shopping directories and product-specific search engines.

If you sell specific products through a shopping cart on your site, you qualify as a shopping-driven website. Here we cover how to register yourself with the shopping search engines by register your products with lots of specific product listings. We also include a list of directories that will only include you if you are a shopping-driven website.

MORE ADVICE: About Merchant Accounts

Shopping search is always changing. If you have any feedback, or if there are corrections or additions to the information on this page, we want to know. Send comments or feedback to us through our contact page.

Shopping Search Engines

froogleSearch Google Product Search
Submit your products to Google Product Search through Google Base - Free!
Sign In

Google's shopping search, Google Product Search (previously called Froogle), is for websites selling their own products only (no affiliates).

Because it is free (and because it is Google) we recommend this as a good test market for those new to shopping search. The feed system is simple and allows you to drop out whenever you want. We generally recommend it to anyone with a commerce-based site because it is becoming more and more successful in the shopping search world over time, and because Google integrates these into Google search results when it thinks people are searching for a shopping item. If you have a shopping cart, get it talking to Google Base -- this is now a commercial marketing standard.

It is essential that you set up a "feed" with Google Product Search if you have products of your own to sell through your website. To get started on the feed process, you need to have a Google account to attach to the Google Base account. sign up for merchant services. Click for more info on how Google Base works.

There is no cost-per-click for Google Product Search traffic. This sets it apart from any competitors large enough to be worth it.

However, this requires constant upkeep by the person in charge of your store to keep current unless you have a cart that automatically generates the information needed by Google, and keeping that Product Search data accurate and current should be part of your standard store maintenance.

Another option available in a Google Base account is a classifieds-style ad. It is very easy to set up in this XML database system. Few of our clients are finding a legitimate marketplace at Google Base in classifieds right now, but possibly that will change or your product might be an exception.

search bing shopping
Search Bing Shopping

View BING Shopping categories (as MSN) | Advertise on Bing Shopping

Bing Shopping (previously MSN Shopping or MSN Product Search or Windows Live Search Products) will have immediate following because it is replacing MSN Shopping search which was/is rather popular as shopping search goes. Unlike submitting your site to the Bing search engine, listing yourself in Bing Shopping is NOT free.

To sign up for Bing Shopping, you need to contact a rep.

Submission here is not as easy as it should be. However, Bing Shopping has had some serious customer loyalty and has existed longer than most shopping search. With the rebranding, it is unknown how much of that loyalty they take with them. Here are their advertising guidelines.

search bing shopping
Sign Up as Bing "cashback" Merchant
| Bing CashBack Merchant Acct Login

Bing Cashback is a cashback rewards for shoppers, which you can offer to increase sales from your MSN shoppers. Here is a list of CashBack stores, listed by discount rate.

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ask shoppingSearch shopping
Pay PriceGrabber to merchandize on Ask. shopping (previously AskJeeves Shopping) is actually PriceGrabber. It's unknown when they wil replace these with their own AJInteractive listings, but a paid listing on PriceGrabber should get you listed on right now. PriceGrabber does not allow you to advertise with them if your site utilizes pop-ups. None of our clients are using PriceGrabber, so we cannot make a recommendation either way.

More data from PriceGrabber about their service.

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become shoppingShop Become
Become Merchant Sign-Up

Become has generated some serious buzz, and is pretty new. There is no set-up charge here, but you will pay for traffic.

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Merchant Signup at

Payment here is based on percentage of sales, as covered on this rate card provided. If you want to sign on as a merchant here, there is no automated sign-up. You have to fill in a contact form here.

Back to top of page. search engine Search Merchant Sign-Up bills itself as the 4th largest shopping site, and claims a much better conversion rate than other sites, because customers come there specifically and only to shop. It is also owned by eBay, a marketplace giant. Start-up cost is $25.00 with future expenses.

If you already have a Yahoo! Small Business account, you can sign up for here through Yahoo!.

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nextag Search Nextag

Nextag Seller Sign-Up

Nextag has a popular, well known shopping search engine that works like a PPC. You can either create a merchant account with them or simply advertise on Nextag like any other site.

Merchant accounts cost different amounts and you pay per click depending on what you sell (anywhere from five cents to over a dollar).

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Shopzilla Search Shopzilla

Shopzilla Merchant Accounts Sign-Up

Shopzilla is another pay-per-click shopping search engine, rather popular, with various european versions as well. They are one of the larger shopping search engines.

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bizrate shopping search engine Search BizRate Shopping

BizRate Merchant Account Information

BizRate is one of the more prestigious and better known shopping searches to be listed with. BizRate has a well-known product rating system. You have to apply to become a merchant here, so be prepared for the third degree. It is worth it, though, to list here. BizRate powers Lycos Shopping, AOL Shopping, and more.

If you already have a Yahoo! Small Business account, you can sign up for BizRate here through Yahoo!.

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instore search engine Search AOL InStore

(Can't Submit Directly)

AOL InStore shows listings from either BizRate or Shopzilla, depending on who you ask. They're not saying on their own site. They are both listed above.

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buyers index shopping search engine Search Buyer's Index

Submit your URL

A small search engine of products for sale on the internet and via catalogs. Do not re-submit if your site is already in Buyer's Index. Don't submit if your site sells services. To find out if your site is already listed, click here and search for your URL or the title of your website. (It's free to register here.)

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iWonSearch iWon
(Can't Submit Directly)

The shopping results at iWon come from AJInteractive listings right now. More information on AJInteractive is available here: AJ Interactive. Make sure you ask whether they still offer a listing that will show up on iWon, since iWon changes it's data sources regularly.

You can get listed here by creating a shopping template-site here. We do not recommend this for those of you with pre-existing shopping-driven sites; you want your shopping search traffic to arrive to your REAL site.

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MySimonSearch MySimon
(Can't Submit Directly)

The shopping results at MySimon come from Sign up for to be included at MySimon.

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Shopping Directory Submission

There are a few directories that are aimed purely at helping people shop online. Therefore, only online stores with shopping cart capability (allow orders to occur completely through the website) are accepted at the below directories.

shopping spot shopping directory
Search Shopping Spot

Suggest your site

A free, small directory which is only for products available through online shopping.

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Add URL (Free!)

A small, free shopping directory. You can never be in too many of these. Choose your category before you go to the submit page.

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eLibeLib Shopping Directory

A well-regarded human edited and reviewed shopping directory. Carefully drill down the categories, and then choose your global location. Then you can Add a URL from the "Add URL" button on that page. It is either free (they want a reciprocal link), $50.00 or $150.00. You pay more for higher placement.

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You're through the shopping-related submissions!

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ADVICE: Your site is shopping-driven, so create your PPC ads just as you did the merchant account ads above. You are creating product-name or brand-name specific keyword ads, so use URLs that link to a specific product purchase page. You, most of all, will need to set up conversion tracking with the PPC providers.

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Who this page is for: Any sites that sell specific products at set prices orderable through a shopping cart.

Who this page is not for: Shopping search is not usually for affiliate sites or directory-based sites. It is not for sites that require telephone orders, or have print-out-and-mail-in order forms. If you do not post your prices, you cannot be included in shopping search engines. If any of this is you skip ahead to the pay-per-clickthroughs to advertise in other ways.

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