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Wherever possible, I link directly to the page where you register at the search engines and directories listed here. However, when dealing with most directories, you must first find the correct category for your site; only then can you click the "submit a site" button from within that category.

When you arrive at the URL submission pages of these search engines and directories, please educate yourself about them by reading their submission guidelines, which are usually somewhere easy to find and available for you to read. Search engine submission is not mysterious; fighting or ignoring their guidelines is a sure way to be kept out of a search engine, or to get listed in the wrong category at a directory.

The first link for each entry below takes you to the search engine or directory's main page, where you can perform a search of your key word phrase or look for a particular URL. The second link (if there is one) takes you to the search engine or directory's submission page--if they have one. You'll need to click "back" to navigate back to my registration page.

This is the very same page I use when registering my clients' websites at the search engines and directories. I've gotten (and kept!) #1 placement for them on highly competitive keyword phrases (like "christmas gifts" and "retro candy") using this page to do the registrations and, of course, by applying all the information on my How to Design a Commercial Website and Search Engine Optimization pages.

Note: Words in a Row subscribes to The SEO Promotion Code of Ethics as published by Bruce Clay

I advise anyone doing website promotion and search engine registration to read their guidelines and follow them.

To see a chart of the relationships between the many search engines and directories, which supply each other with all kinds of information, download Bruce Clay's
Relationship Chart
  and print it out. (Many thanks to Bruce Clay!)

Note: We make a small commission when you sign up at the Enhance Interactive website or the Best of the Web directory - and we make nothing when you sign up anywhere else.

Best of luck to you in your quest for better search engine rankings!

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(This page last updated 2021-04-16.)

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