Search engine resources

Here are some very good resources for anyone interested in more information on search engines:

search engine watch

For the most complete information on search engines anywhere, the site originally built by Danny Sullivan, and subscribe to their newsletter. Danny Sullivan is the foremost expert on the doings of the search engines and directories (in my humble opinion -- and I've been at this since 1995). Danny pins down the people working at the search engines and gets answers from them about what they are doing and why, and then writes it up in his newsletter and puts the information on his website. This page in particular, Search Engine Submission Tips, is well worth studying if you are trying to get good rankings in the search engines and directories.

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Back Doors into Search Engines?

It has become far easier to tell where the ads come from now with recent search engine and PPC simplification. However, if you need it, Pay-Per-Click-Info is a site that helps you determine where the "sponsored links" come from in the various search engines. If you want to try to buy top billing at various search engines, this site will help you figure out how. If this subject interests you, be sure to read their Back Door to the Search Engines Guide.

Another good place for information about the relationships between search engines and pay-per-click search engines, is here - download this PDF from Bruce Clay: Search Engine Relationship Chart. Click on any of the search engines on that chart to see where the results displayed actually come from, and a wealth of other info about that search engine. Very helpful data if you're trying to crack into or improve a ranking at a particular search engine.

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i need hits submission page. This is not a search engine, but a way to list a site in search engines.

I include this website because they have a free service which will register your site to 27 'search engines', and do it fairly painlessly, albeit one at a time. You won't want to register with some of them because they are specialty search engines which would just reject your site out of hand. But it's a good way to get more exposure and it is fairly simple if you keep your wits about you and just register with the search engines that you should. They are very aggressive when it comes to trying to sell you their software and services for even more search engine registration. I can't recommend anything but their free service because I haven't used their paid service. The free service seems to be a good one and will take you to some of the same search engines I have listed on my search engine registration page, and some other smaller ones.

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Here's a link to a site called Submitman. You can sign up for about 20 some-odd (mostly foreign) search engines here.

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Specialty and Non-US Search Engines/Directories

For a while I tried to maintain a listing of the many foreign (to the US) search engines and directories. I gave it up as too much work. However, I recently compiled these pages, which you are welcome to use, which may help:

Also worth knowing about is Danny Sullivan's list of specialty search engines maintained in the "members only" area of Search Engine Watch. Here's what he covers:

Okay, so by now you must be thinking, "When is this going to end? When will I be done?" You're nearly done. What's left? Go to the following list of search engines at the Search Engine Guide website and find the specialty search engines and directories that apply to your website. There are over 3000 to pick from, but it's well organized and won't take all that long.

A word of advice: Please don't submit the URL of your site to a search engine for which it isn't relevant. Medical or technical search engines won't list an auto repair shop. Why bother to submit it there? When you see an ad for a company saying "Submit your site to 30,000 search engines!", these are some of the search engines they submit to, and most of which they shouldn't submit to because they ARE specialty search engines. It's just another form of SPAM.

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Another resource is this list of free submission sites.

Tools You Should Get

A few of the tools worth getting if you need to figure out how to get to the top of the search engine rankings, and if you need to track the results of your search engine registrations:

I like and use this Internet Business Promotion Tool from It helps you figure out how to optimize your website, based on the way the top 10 sites are optimized for particular keywords that you specify. The comparison is brilliant. It doesn't have every angle covered, but it has had a lot of thought put into it and I use it to help with the analysis of what needs to be done to get to #1 on any particular search term. It's very smart and useful. They have a free version that will help you some, but I bought and use the $300 version that is incredibly detailed. I consider the money very well spent! (Disclaimer: I have an affiliate relationship with Axandra -- If you buy IBP through this link, I make a commission.)

Search Engine Commando -- $179.00 -- worth it if you have to track and report the standings of a website for a search term across many search engines. You can download a free trial version.

Web Position Gold -- $250 -- many people swear by it and use it regularly. You can download a free trial version. I have no affiliation with this company.

For more tools of use to those doing website marketing, website design, and search engine optimizing, see our Tools Page.

Good luck!

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